Original Build -

So, quite a few things have changed from the first version of this build to the second. I'll be covering most of the differences and what this build is to be used for.

On a few of the pictures, you will see an Orange Cougar Fan on the CPU Heat Sink. This was replaced with the original 135mm Be Quiet fan after testing.

The only part saved from my Friends build was his 3TB HDD. Gotta keep those files safe!

I either recycled parts, or tried purchased used parts to make this build. Managing to get a new GTX 1060 for $250 was the best score IMHO. Tho only other new parts are the MX300 SSD, and the Dark Rock CPU Heat Sink. Everything else was used, or from another of my builds.

I built this as an upgrade for my friend. This was his first build. The thing that made me want to get him a new build was the fact that his room was getting just too hot in the summer. Temps here can reach 41 degree Celsius (106 degree Fahrenheit). And many here will get the joke AMD in the winter, Intel in the summer. It was kinda true, adding to the fact that his game performance had been lacking at 1080p. With that in mind, I built this to replace his build, and I hope you enjoy it!

Part Reviews


July, 2017. This CPU is still a great workhorse, with an affordable price, and great overclocking potential. I would easily pick another one up if offered the chance.

CPU Cooler

July, 2017. This CPU cooler looks wonderful, isn't too big and heavy, and can be installed on almost any new or old CPU. The price is a bit high, but if looks and quality are your priority, you can't go wrong.


July, 2017. Gigabyte has been one of the more reliable motherboard makers that will honor their warranty. Quality capacitors, good MOSFETS, and good UEFI make this board an excellent purchase.


July, 2017. One of the fastest, best value SSD's ever. compared to the equivalent Samsung, this SSD can go for $20 less than it on average. I will be buying more of these in the future

Video Card

July, 2017. I managed to get a good price on this video card before the mining rush. I wouldn't pay more for it than I did, but the performance at 1080p is fantastic.


July, 2017. This case was a bit of a let down. The plastic is not glass-reinforced, making it hard and brittle, easy to crack. The HDD bays are great, and easy to remove. However, the actual drive install process is not easy, as it takes 2 rubber parts, and 4 screws to install, making it harder than other, one piece installs on other cases. The legs are removable, and sturdy. The front fans intake is not the best in the world, and they are covered by some of the front panel. The sound deadening is excellent, and the entire objective of the case is to make your computer quiet.

Optical Drive

July, 2017. A good, quick blue-ray drive.

Case Fan

July, 2017. the 140mm version, is very quiet, and easy to install. The plastic is glass filled, making it very high quality. Not designed to be used in a radiator.


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Is zwei a reference to rwby by any chance ? +1

  • 25 months ago
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zwei is the german word for two. This is the second build in this lovely german case, so I thought it was perfect.

  • 24 months ago
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Very nice build! Really no weaknesses

  • 24 months ago
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I'm glad you like it!

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The CPU is great!

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