It's been a long time since I built my last computer in 2012. I went through alot since then: I lost a job, lost my Dad (my best friend), ended a toxic relationship with a bad GF, got a new job, lived in a foreign country (Romania), fell in love with the most wonderful girl in the entire world from Serbia, and now I started a new job again here in Atlanta, GA. I moved back to the states to take care of my family, and since living here, I decided I needed an upgrade from my 2010 Asus G75JH laptop. The rest of my stuff (like the computer i built back in 2012) is in storage. So this is a present to myself, with full support from my family and fiance who is also an avid supporter of gaming :) ya...shes awesome lol. i got really lucky with Kristina.

I'm extremely pleased overall. I was scared about the switch from Intel to AMD and didn't know if this was finally the right time to switch as I have always supported Intel, and didn't want my money to go to waste. For those that are debating between an AMD vs Intel system, fear not, and go AMD! I will tell you the main problem with AMD builds is the memory compatibility. This has been an issue that I will describe in full detail below.

Shout out to MicroCenter, specifically Wanda at the Duluth store for price matching all my components. The only thing I did not get at MicroCenter was my memory, I got that at Fry's. For all you hardware enthusiast out there, I know we all shop on NewEgg and Amazon (Prime) but I highly recommend checking out your local MicroCenter and Fry's. Not only will they price match online etailors, but:

1) they also have stuff on sale and in store specials

2) you get it in your hands the day you want it

3) you have a place to return it if there are problems

4) you skip the "shipping anxiety" you get waiting for packages to come in.

I personally saved $280 on my build with in store specials....Thank you Wanda and MicroCenter.

FYI - Here is CPU-Z validator link for my build:

Part Reviews


Everything you ever wanted in a CPU. Speed and lots of cores/threads :D It's time my fellow gamers to support AMD in the fight against Intel. I have always been an Intel fanboy, and now I am a believer in AMD. This thing can run anything, and with future AGESA revisions, things are only going up!

CPU Cooler

Looks beautiful, and one of the very few AIO coolers to support AM4 (Ryzen) motherboards with the included brackets. I didn't realize this was an issue until I started reading the motherboard compatibilty on the boxes of the coolers and manufacturers' websites. It was then that I realized that other coolers do not come with the AM4 have to buy or order them separately. Some offer them for free after you buy the cooler. But that's such an have to buy the cooler, and then go to a website, and then order the AM4 brackets, and uhhh...the pain.

Anyways here are the PROS:

1) Decent temps with moderate overclocking, not fantastic. (Check my temps on the left side that I posted)

2) Easy to install, hoses look nice too

3) RGB...ya its cool I admit.

4) Corsair Link is cool and easy


And here are the CONS:

1) If you're like me and you dont give a crap about noise, and you want your fans on max speed, you will either have to

     a) Plug in the power cables for the fans directly into the PSU.


     b) Plug in the power cables for the fans into the PWM CPU Fan slot on the motherboard 
           & and control it with Corsair Link and doing all that jazz.

2) At stock speeds, the temps are not good. I cant get below 40 celsius personally. So I just live in the 50 celsius range and overclock


FABULOUS MOTHERBOARD! High quality components, excellent performance, and here's bragging rights with this board: BETA BIOS! This really helped with all these memory issues, and it was only available with this board out of all the vendors, and all the models (even within ASUS). When AMD came out with their new AGESA update, it still has to go through ASUS QA/QC version control/change management process before they release it. But ASUS didn't want to bottleneck us, so they released a BETA version to help out the community so we don't have to wait while the supported version is released. That was awesome, so great board, and great support.

Other points:

1) Easy to overclock

2)RGB lighting looks sexy

3) XMP Profiles dont work on this board


This memory....geez.

It's not this memory's fault because it was made for Intel systems, and XMP is by Intel. So these xtreme memory profiles is supported by some AMD boards, but not by all. So on all Ryzen boards, the highest that anyone has been ever to get these sticks to run is 2999Mhz. Some say its because they don't have Samsung ICs and other technical crap. Long story short, if you want memory that runs at its rated speed on Ryzen motherboards, then you need to check the QVL (Qualified Vendor List). There's no other way around it, and this is the only and biggest problem with Ryzen. You can't just go shopping for memory online and expect whatever you buy to work as advertised. Ryzen is not insert and play friendly with memory.

Anyways, the memory looks super sexy even if it is one color. It's a red LED light, and the only think you can customize is the lighting effects. Strobe, breathing, bla bla.


Blazing SSD period with no issues and easy to install. Im glad i didnt invest in the pro version.

Video Card

Glad I got the FE, the others are just a waste of money because if you can overclock, and cool it properly..well then its just the same :P And ASUS makes great products, decided to go with as many ASUS products as I could to keep it all uniform


THIS CASE!!!!.....Shaking my head......OMG!


Summary: Install with this case is a b****!! But its sexy as hell with a nice Q charging base for your cell phone. After testing with a variety of cell phones between my family and I, it seems to only work with my Samsung Galaxy S7. My work cell is an iPhone 6, and it doesnt work with it. I havent read up too much on what this does/doesnt work with and why, and honestly i can care less because as long as it works with my personal cell, im happy :)

Other details: 1) PSU slot in the case is weird. I thought it was going to be cool from the way it looked but it turned out to be a b**** to install.

2) There's not enough room for proper cable management on the right side (Non-Window) side of the case. You have to really know your stuff in cable management to get the case door to slide back into position like a glove. So if your a messy/casual builder that hasnt done cable management're in for a learning lesson.

3) I thought it was going to be slightly larger. This is definitely a full tower, and i was hoping for something that was flirting between the lines of a full & super tower. If you want a case thats between big and "HUGE!" this is not it.

4) lacks a "basement"

5) lacks a PSU shroud

6) motherboard tray does come out, but you have to unscrew stuff and it honestly makes it more complicated so i didnt use the tray =\

7) barely enough room between the AIO cooler and motherboard. Too close for comfort in my opinion.

8) good airflow, and glass is sexy

9) the front panel door really does come loose easily. you can open it with your fingernail with little effort when its supposed to be "closed". watch the Hardware Canucks video when you get a chance and you will know what im talking about.

you might want to put some adhesive tape if you want it to stay shut if you're like me and rarely open your front panel door.

10) USB ports are SUPER TIGHT! I mean really..i put in some muscle to slide my USB devices into the ports. Anyone else having any issues?

11) Nice feet on the case. Very balanced, no wobbling.

12) Easy to clean with a solid piece mesh on the bottom of the case.

Power Supply

I used Corsair Link with this, and I'm happy on the performance side. On the aesthetic side, the cables it comes with look UUUUUGLLLY! But don't feel like spending $200 on custom cables with nice looking sleeves, so I have to accept the fact that my cables are ugly =\

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  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

Really nice build op +1.

Are you gaming at 1440p or 1080p?

  • 34 months ago
  • 3 points

Thx man! I have a 1080p ASUS monitor, but for a good reason. I'm saving my money for the new ASUS PG35VQ that they showed off at Computex ^

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

How did you get that motherboard soo cheap!?!

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

They had a special at microcenter: Buy an AMD Ryzen processor and receive $100 off select AM4 motherboards. I'll upload pictures of my receipt tomorrow as well as some screenshots of temps and BIOS settings.

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

Micro Center sent an electronic copy of my receipt to my email. I just uploaded a screenshot of it, feel free to let me know if you have any questions

  • 30 months ago
  • 1 point

amd forever! :D

  • 34 months ago
  • 0 points

Great build, well deserved, welcome back to the States! +1

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you!

[comment deleted]
  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

Man we're having the exact same feelings! I would love the memory if it worked properly, but it has been so much grief trying to get it to run at 3200. The highest i got it is 2999, but it runs stable at 2800. I'm going to give it some more time, but im thinking about switching over if the AGESA updates do not fix the problem. What memory do you recommend?

[comment deleted]
  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

Awesome Unity, thx for the info! At the moment, money isn't that much of a concern luckily; but i need at least 32GB of memory because i run alot of VMs and i have a habit of running multiple games and applications in the background because i hate closing things. i like to alt+tab between stuff lol. but if i could live with 16GB, rest assured i would go with the 4133 kit because thats a super nice kit!

[comment deleted by staff]
  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

HAHAHAHA DUDE that's exactly what I had in mind throughout all my build! I was like "Man I hope this makes some famous techy like Linus proud, and that my build makes sense to them" :D