This is a work in progress. I will get some outdoor pictures when the PC is complete. I still need to get a new GPU and button up the rest of the PC. That includes Corsair Node lighting, an HDD, and maybe a liquid CPU cooler. We'll see about that last one. But for now, here are a few crappy pics of my new PC!

I desperately needed to upgrade from my old quad core Athlon build which is now 6 years old. I also didn't want to spend 2k+ on a new high end build, so I ended up here. I repurposed my GTX 750 Ti that I've had for close to 4 years. This is a very temporary card. I will either get AMD's Navi or the RX 580 successor when it comes out. That will put this build at around $950-$1k. Not bad.

I have two Noctua NF-F12's on PWM as intake in the front, a Fractal Design case fan for exhaust in the rear, and a Demci Filter on the top slot. It's a shame Corsair didn't include one, but thankfully there is an aftermarket option. This thing is quiet, by the way. The stock AMD heatsink is the loudest fan.

Thanks for looking!

Part Reviews


Thank you Lisa Su. It's a fantastic processor. It crushes everything I've told it to handle so far. I will be using this CPU for quite a few years.


It was cheap and has all the features I need. It supports 3000 MHz ram out of the box. But one huge flaw is the brown PCB. Thankfully my Corsair 270R has a tinted side window, so I cannot tell that it's brown when the case is closed. I would not have bought it otherwise.


This ran at 3000 MHz right out of the box. RGB wasn't my main concern but I got it for $149, so I can't complain.


It's an SSD. It's fast.

Video Card

I've had this FTW card for close to 4 years. It still rocks BF3 and BF4. Newer games... not so much.


Decent build quality, good room for cable management, good looks. But I cannot stand the front panel buttons. It's horrible. If you can look past this, it's a great budget case.

Power Supply

Gold rated and 550 Watts for $59. Excellent buy.


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Could we see the whole pc? So far it looks like a great build! In case you want to upgrade your gpu you can get a 1070 used for 230 usd including shipping.

  • 15 months ago
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I will definitely be buying a new GPU. I want at least GTX 1080 performance because I will be getting a 144Hz monitor.

And I do not have good enough lighting inside to get any more angles... this is the best I can do for now. I will have a new post with outdoor lighting in a few months time.

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What voltage did you use to get to 3.9GHz?

Good build.

  • 15 months ago
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Thank you!

It Turbos up to 3.9. I haven't actually changed any settings. HWMonitor reports 1.250v on the CPU VDD, and Package is 73.9W. Of course HWMonitor isn't entirely accurate but that's what the stock settings are. I haven't tried overclocking quite yet.

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On stock cooler?

  • 15 months ago
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Yes! I haven't stress tested it yet, but under gaming (Pubg, Battlefield, and Rocket League) it has not reached over 52C. And Ryzen Master reports 1.228v, not 1.250. That is too high.

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That sounds great for a stock cooler!

On the AMD website it says the 2600 is bundled with the Wraith Stealth, is that correct?

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  • R7 2700X - Wraith Prism (RGB)
  • R7 2700 - Wraith Spire Led
  • R5 2600X - Wraith Spire
  • R5 2600 - Wraith Stealth