So this build was to celebrate one year at my new job, started planning for it pretty much as soon as I got the position!

This will mainly be used for gaming, relegating my PS4 to exclusive duty. Spent a lot of time on this website and youtube planning exactly the sort of parts I would need targeting 1080p 60fps gaming as well as having enough storage to back up all my photos. Spent a little more money than I could have to make it black and white because I love that simple look. Looking at add a little more ram in the future and put some white LED strips in.

Part Reviews


Now this was one of the biggest debates I had going into this, whether to go Intel or AMD on the CPU. At the low end the general wisdom is that Ryzen chips offer better value for money but the i3-8100 has slightly higher clock speeds than something like a 2200G making it better for my use case which is almost entirely gaming. Now I know that Ryzen can be overclocked and the 8100 can't but this is my first computer and I don't want to risk it - assembling it was stressful enough! If you are doing even the slightest bit of content creation go Ryzen at the low/med end.


This was a much easier choice than the other components. Its a relatively cheap board that has M.2 support, 4 ram slots, and fit my colour scheme whilst still being from a reputable brand. Pretty satisfied with the quality.


Because I am only gaming and didn't go Ryzen, ram speed wasn't so much of an issue for me so this was the cheapest 8GB dual channel kit that fit my colour scheme from a decent brand. Will probably bump it up to 16GB down the line using my spare ram slots. Reasonably cheap and looks alright, would recommend.


The 970 Evo is for boot and frequently used apps. Don't fall into the trap of buying a SATA based M.2 SSD when what you're actually after is the additional speed of NVME. Very fast, very satisfied.


A decently sized and reliable hard drive for mass storage and games. No complaints.

Video Card

The other really difficult choice for any inexperienced PC builder. My advice (whatever thats worth as a newbie myself) is to pick a resolution you want to game at (1080p is standard) and google benchmarks of the games you want to play at that resolution. I wanted 1080p 60fps in most modern games at high/ultra and from what I can see the 1060 6GB will do me nicely for a while. I will have to end up dropping the detail as more modern games come out but this will do me for now. Also it is white so fit the build. Note: I bought all the parts before any of the 11/20 series cards came out and I know the 1160/1160ti might now be a better value so you might want to look into those if you're building new.


I mean its a case I like the look of with the features I want. Tempered Glass side panel, plenty of mounting options, MicroATX to fit on a desk better, hidden power supply, plenty of cable management in the back with rubber grommets to route wires. Comes with two included fans which are pretty loud but my only other complaint is the blue power light at the front which doesn't really fit my theme but thats no fault of the case.

Power Supply

So I wanted at least a semi-modular power supply to help with cable routing and I would definitely recommend it. Seriously, either buy a case with enough spare room to dump all the extra cables or spend a little more on semi-modular or even better a modular power supply. No complaints with this.

Case Fan

Pretty looking fans that fit the colour scheme. Love the illuminated ring but they are pretty loud.

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  • 10 months ago
  • 2 points

Congratz on the anniversary.

On the fans looks like you have them connected to the power supply which will run them at max.

You can connect them to the motherboard and it will control their speed as needed quieting them down.

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Okay thank you for the advice. At the moment the case fans are plugged into the "CHA_FAN2" header on the motherboard. I have a "CPU_FAN2" header if you think that will be better?

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

Hi, I adjusted my case fan speed in the BIOS. Hope this helps.

  • 10 months ago
  • 2 points

For some reason, I was hoping that your work place had given this to you as an anniversaire present.

  • 10 months ago
  • 2 points

Haha I wish. I bought it with the money they paid me so you could sorta look at it like that??