Built this machine (actually one before this, which was V1) as a new 5+ year system. Initially built it ITX in a Evolv Shift but had too many issues with a rubbish Asrock motherboard (actually built two of the systems one for me and one for my partner, both Asrock board + one as an RMA replacement have had issues went to ASUS and 100% no issues now) so this is kind of V2 of the system.

Mainly used for Working from home a few days a month and weekend work when required and then gaming, mostly CS:GO and PUBG, bit of LOL and Paladins, PCars2, Withcher3 the usual.

System runs really well, not happy with the Corsair fans though on the AIO, very noisy, will replace them and my other fans that aren't listed (3000rpm noctua 120mm's) with 1500rpm redux fans all round to get the noise levels down, currently just running everything on low speeds to keep noise down at the expense of thermals.

Currently have all 4 sticks or ram at 2933(started with 2 at 3066, then picked up the second 2[So please excuse dust buildup int he 4stick photo lol]), have some stability issues at 3066 or higher which require me to drop the cpu back to 3.7GHZ so ive settled at 3.8ghz at 1.21v on all 8 cores and 2933mhz for the ram at 1.35v GPU is only running its factory OC, I'm not a serious enough gamer to really care, I'm running vsync in all games (except CS:GO) but able to max out the settings on everything except Pubg (requires post processing and AA to medium everything else on ultra) tog et 60fps solid (80fps actually, but dips to 64fps, always test this before I enable Vsync to make sure I wont drop below 60fps and therefore below vsync frequency which is 60hz on my scree)

All in all super happy with how it runs. Pity i got the P400s with no window, yet still spend ages cable managing the build.

Part Reviews


Super happy with my 1700, seems to be a push to get past 3.8ghz at voltages I am happy with, but performance at 3.8GHZ is perfect anyway. will hang on to this will Zen2, maybe Zen+ if the gains are worth it

CPU Cooler

Great Cooler, Looks awesome and keeps my PCU cool, but to keep it cool the Fans are nosiy as, so dropping a star for noise. but otherwise happy with this one! (came included with AM4 bracket)


Picked this one up to replace an Asrock board, Couldn't be happier, supposedly Supports Crossfire even in a B350. Irrelevant to me as i'm using an Nvidia card, but may help someone. great features,good overclocking, bit beyond my OC skill level to use the more advanced features of Overclocking, but seems there isn't really a option it doesn't have. May be a little lite on the Power delivery for big overclocks at high voltages though, bit otherwise a super solid B250 board at a great price.


Running the Red and black version of these, great ram, had some issues getting it too 3200MHZ but pretty sure thats my mobo and OC settings. just seems to be some good all round ram, would def recommend.


Runs super hot, but also super fast. not much else to say?


Cannot fault it for the price, not the fastest drive around, but was the cheapest 500GB SSD i could get for some games and app storage at the time, performs awesome.


Bit noisy, and really a bit underwhelming, had hoped for performance to match my 3.5" 1TB blacks, but seems to get a little overwhelmed buy anything more than one action on it at a time. Ill stick to SSD's and 3.5" hard drive from now on.

Video Card

Cheapest 1080 at the time I got it, has been flawless for me, as yet, not overclocked further than its factory OC, running solid, not too noisy and rather quiet, fans dont even spin at idle, plenty of grunt for me 3400x1440 gaming 60HZ


Great build quality, great looks but not the greatest air flow, happy with it and will likely use again in more builds.


Great value, picked mine up second hand, only gripe is onl DP is 60hz, DVIa nd HDMI are 30hz which is frustrating as my macbook will not run it on HDMI so i have to keep swapping from my PC to my MBP for the display port to get 60hz use. I guess you get this with an older screen.

Great for productivity, really makes working from home a joy with all the screen real estate, glad I got this instead of a 32" 4K screen as its perfect for running two windows side by side.

probably not good for gamers as its on 60hz and 5ms response, but for me its fine, im not competitive enough or godo enough to care, I game for enjoyment and if im worry about 1ms here or a few hz the joy is gone anyway, don't care if i loose games still just as fun.


click click CLICK! This thing is super clickly yet easy on the fingers for a full day of writing documentation, yet tactile enough and precise enough for gaming, my real joy from this comes from typing away for hours a day of work on this thing, the best keyboard in the world couldn't make me a better gamer, but a keyboard like this thing helps me type more accurate and faster and still not end up with sore wrists and fingers after documenting for 8 hours straight! highly recommended for those all round users!


Originally Was using the little wireless razer mouse as my hands lend me to a small form mouse, but was sick of its laggyness when distanced from its receiver, so picked this up as the body is relatively small, still a bit large for my taste, but it tracks so well and gives me loads of room to tweak the DPI for dif applications and assign buttons in apps to the sides has been great, might grab another one for the office.


By far the best headset I have ever used, I charge it once a week, but i'm not a heavy gamer and I still use my apple earphones for conference calls via my mobile phone.

I would like to see some better surround options in the software though and some profiles specific to applications to really bring the value out in this headset, as i am forever manually adjusting settings between tasks that use audio as no one setup seems to work well for all scenarios, so dropping a * for software.


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Hey does your RAM run 3200 right out of the box? I’m considering getting the same motherboard and ram and I’m a little confused as to how the “must over lock ram to hit 3200” works. Not super familiar with oc

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Hi Azurej, If you have a re read, you will see I was running at 3066 initially with 16GB I couldn't get 3200mhz stable with a cpu OC, and when i added the second 16GB i couldn't even get 3066 to be stable enough for my taste, so i settled at 2933, performance difference was non noticeable though, 2933 is plenty.

I found that to run 3200mhz (when only at 16GB) i had to remove my CPU overclock then the XMP profile at 3200mhz would boot fine. add the OC back and id get crashes and boot loops, dropped to 3066mhz and 3.8-3.9 on the cpu and fine, added the next 16GB and same deal as when running the ram at 3200, do dropped down one notch again to 2933 to keep my cpu OC and no issues :)

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hey ur aio is upside down. U might want to fix that

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It literally makes no difference. . . and that is the only way it fits with a smooth bend on the tubes. this system no longer exists, i shrunk to a dan case A4 now instead and sold the old components off.

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damm what are those fans

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The black ones with brown corners? Noctua Industrial 120mm 3000rpm PWN fans. stupid good airflow, but stupid bad noise. like jet engines, I removed them in the end, and put 4x 140mm noctua 2000rpm fans on the front radiator and moved the corsair rad fans to the top as exhaust, made the system 100% silent from 1mtr away and nice and cool, still have the 120mm fans in my cupboard, might use them in my server rack.