Did this build to prepare for Mass Effect Andromeda and to be able to play AAA games from 2013 on. Was playing on an early 2011 Macbook Pro. Worked well until I tried playing Rise of the Tomb Raider. Really enjoyed building this computer with a friend of mine and was able to get it together in under 3 hours up and running first time.

Part Reviews


$219 after discount. Good CPU. Haven't had any issues. Price was typical.

CPU Cooler

$24 after rebate. Works great. Really quiet. Easy to install. Huge. Keeps my CPU under 30C during most activities.


$107 after rebate. Solid motherboard. I really liked the feature set and plan to utilize most of it. Assembly was really solid. Everything went together well with no hiccups. Placement of the fan connections made it kinda weird to plug in all my fans but I was able to reach all of them. Power plugs were kinda hard to get to to plug in stuff. Heat sinks look and function nicely. Still allows good airflow across all components. Lights are a neat touch. BIOS is slick. Works well and easy to navigate. Quick boot is rock solid with SSD. Boots in under 10 seconds. Also MSI Command center is great. Basically you can modify your BIOS in windows. Allows for quick overclocking of CPU and RAM. Can adjust fan speed curves too.


Got it on sale for $73 which is a steal for this quality and quantity of DDR4 RAM. It's really decent RAM. Great heat sinks that seem to work well. Only registered as 2133 so I'll have to turn on XMP to get it up to the rated 2400. Not an issue for me.


Great SSD for the price. I got it on a New Years sale for $86. So worth it. I'm getting 550MB/s Read and 450MB/s write which is as advertised. Matched it up with a couple old HDDs I had lying around. Boots up windows in under 10 seconds. Love it.

Video Card

Got it for $404 after rebate. Was debating on getting a 1060 instead but moved to the 1070 from a friends suggestion. Plays all games maxed out. Waited to play rise of the tomb raider till I had this. Good choice. Really brought out the experiences in games. Keeps crazy quiet and cool. Have not seen temperatures above 60C yet during all activities. I really appreciated having the back plate. Makes it easier to handle and install. Power plugs were kind hard to install.


I really like the case. Got it on sale after rebate for $27. It looks good and functions well. Was kinda concerned about space but it was no problem at all. Lots of room for cables, video card, and airflow. It came with 5 case fans. All of which work excellent. The top 2 are driven by a manual controller from the front of the case which plugs directly into the power supply. Had to re-seat the connectors because one of the top fans was not working. I like having the option of running more fans to keep it cool during heavy work loads. The front and rear fans connected to the motherboard and are crazy quiet. When I run the top fans it gets a little louder but I imagine that they are much higher output fans due to being designed for a water cooler being mounted next to them. Everything went together nice. I pulled out the center 2.5" Disk slots to allow for more airflow. I liked the wire management and was able to get all my wires contained how I felt comfortable. Unfortunately I have my case pushed against the wall so I can't see the wonderful insides of my case but not anyone but my own fault for having to short of cables. Has great front connectivity. Just make sure that you don't break something off that you have plugged into it accidentally.

Power Supply

Got this one for $44. Works great. I will never go back from a modular power supply. It's so nice to be able to pick and choose what you use. Keeps cable management tidy and airflow clear.

Operating System

Windows 10. Works as expected. Deleted all the bloat games and applications. Installation was a breeze from USB 3 to SSD.

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  • 36 months ago
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more pics!!!!

  • 36 months ago
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Updated the pictures an reviews of all parts. Let me know what you think.

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could probably build for a little cheaper but its pretty good

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I'm not sure how to edit the prices to match what I paid but I've put all the prices in the reviews for each part. I paid around $1000 for everything after rebates, discounts, and price matches.

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Go on an item then click the Gear>Hit the radio button labeled "manually enter price">enter your price into the box provided>hit save