This was my first ever true pc build, I had wanted a white themed build for a few years, and once I got my first job I saved up enough for what I have now.

The build process itself was interesting to say the least, I had a friend with me who helped assemble everything, though many things in this build were also a first for him (AIO cooler, m.2 storage, etc). We only ran into a few problems mainly regarding space issues and cable management.

The Case: The form factor and integrated cable routing options of the case was a bit of an oversight, and proved to make the whole process quite a bit more difficult. Over all the only main reason I went with this was for the all white interior and tempered glass panel, considering the price I thought it was pretty decent.

Motherboard: Again the color theme was a big contributing factor, I also wanted a board that would hopefully be a little more future proof other than a B450 board.

CPU: Honestly I just thought the price to performance was pretty good based on reviews I saw, and dont need anything much more than it for what I use my pc for.

GPU: Wanted something that would pair decently with my CPU, considered the 5700xt for a long time, but at the time of purchasing parts not many options were available, and I got the RTX 2070 on discount. I plan on getting a white back plate in the near future.

Over all, I'm very happy with how its turned out, and I think I did pretty alright. There's plenty for me to work on, including cable management, but hopefully that gets better with future builds. I am a bit upset with the GPU placement being in the second x16 slot instead of the first, but unfortunately it would hit the 24 pin cable if I tried to move it up. Hopefully new cables for my gpu and cpu power come soon so I can fix that.

Part Reviews


Super fast, glad I went with this instead of the (many) other options I was looking at.

Windows boots in ~6 seconds, id go with this over gen 4 m.2 all day every day unless prices change. Game launch speeds are also very impressive.

As someone who only ever had mechanical drives in the past, I can never go back.


Aesthetically great, plenty of color options on the front RGB strip, all white interior, convenient psu shroud.

only real downside is lack of cable management options, and the exposed front IO cables.


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i bet someone cant read and say pUt ThE gPu In ThE tOp SlOt ItS bEtTeR but hey i can read so +1 awesome build

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I love white themes! Try a UV led strip sometimes. It'll give a nice soft glow to your white components. I like how you positioned the AIO radiator to provide air flow along you gpu. Nice job

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Thanks! I haven't heard of using UV Led strips, I'll have to look into it

White themes/Aesthetics have always been my favorite, just glad I got to make my own :)