Put together this system for my buddy's roommate. This is his first gaming computer so I think we were able to have a great price/performance area and he'll be really happy with it.

No major problems during the system build. It was actually fairly painless in the Define Nano S which is super roomy for an ITX case. I'm pretty impressed with how clean I was able to get it to look.

I'm shipping it out to him soon, I'll update if any issues come up there. Since I am shipping it across the country, I left the covers on the panels to keep them from getting scratched somehow.

Part Reviews


I wouldn't recommend overclocking for a first time owner, so this part is a great value. Completely fine for gaming and runs pretty cool.

CPU Cooler

Shipping the PC across the country means no tower coolers as they can torque and cause damage. This little cooler is very powerful for its size and runs decently quiet. I turned the fan to max in the BIOS so he won't have to worry about CPU heat over time.


I actually really like this motherboard. The colors are nice and the features are fantastic for the price point. Front facing M.2 is a really nice perk for an ITX board since most of them have the slot on the back of the board.

The only gripe I have about this motherboard is that the front panel audio connectors are are just North East of the chipset heatsink. I couldn't see a good way to route that cable and have it look good so I just left that cable unplugged. Other than that, this is a very good board for the cost.


We paid a premium for a set of RAM that had silver colored heatsinks. That being said this is a great kit, though for whatever reason the motherboard had them clocked at 2133 Hz on startup, so I had to go into the BIOS and up them to their rated 2400 Hz.


Good storage for relatively cheap. Sad to say that M.2 drives have gone up in price since the last build I did with them, but the ability to avoid SATA and power routing for another drive is worth the offset to me.

Note that I have seen motherboards that were incompatible with SATA controller drives, but this motherboard had no issues. I don't think PCPartPicker can catch these incompatibilities. Just a heads up.


Good, cheap. Sadly the 2TB Seagate drives weren't available when we did the buy so we went here instead.

I have three or four of these drives in various systems. Great for what you get.

Video Card

This card is clean. Silver and black backplate with RGB Sapphire logo on the side (which can be turned off).

So I benchmarked the card in 3dMark against my Gigabyte R9 390x (which is not on the latest drivers since it's a POS that I can't wait to replace):

Card (Graphics Score Only) FireStrike SkyDiver Time Spy
Gigabyte R9 390x 13452 16158 4162
Sapphire RX 480 8GB NITRO+ 13857 42351 (???) 4331

So oddly scored higher than my 390x, which is likely due to driver issues than anything else.

Seriously, don't buy a Gigabyte GPU. The SkyDiver test kept giving me ridiculous scores for the 480, but it did run smoothly so I don't know what that's about.


This case is absolutely fantastic. Grommits are well placed and spacious. I was able to cable manage absolutely everything with the build in velcro and I'm really happy with how the cabling came out. Totally worth the price and I'm glad the owner went with the higher tier case here.

Power Supply

Great PSU with modular cables, Gold rating, and enough power for most single card setups. The GS is great for ITX builds.


The case came with a 1 to 2 Non-PWM fan splitter (DOH) but hey this one looks great and is PWM so eh.

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  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

FYI, the RX 480 Nitro 8GB is almost on part with the 1070. That's why you were getting "ridiculous" scores. I have the Sapphire 480 4GB version and does really well too.

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Seems odd to me that the 480 would leapfrog the 390x since its launch. Admittedly, I have very poor example of a 390x card in my possession.