Okay so to begin please keep in mind that I have low income and am saving for a car so I did not go all out on this build. I initially bought the mobo to upgrade my mdg pc with 2gb of 400mhz ram, and a pentium d 820. Not the best mobo, I get it. Ebay, that's all I have to say. The mobo came with an e6750 which I thought was the fastest thing in the world. HAHA yeah right. I have a computer guy which I bought the 8gb of 800mhz ram for 40$. Not the cheapest best for the most and fastest ram this mobo can handle that's not bad. The video card I bought a while back on ebay for 30$. I know it's not the best card but I haven't had a single problem with it yet so i'm proud of it. Bought the case because I liked it even though it was a little pricey. The power supply is waaay more than I need but it was on sale and I bought it for a reason, i'll discuss later. The 212 evo works great with idle temps at 40 ish and 100% load for 5 min never going over 65. Not bad for a quad core. I just used the thermal paste that it comes with. Meh no biggy. So why spend this much? Why not get a g3258 and a nice video card and call it a day? Well I liked the idea of gradually upgrading the parts. That's why things aren't the best. But I spend a little more on case and power supply for one reason, FUTURE PROOF! I plan on getting an i5, and a couple r9 280s. All in due time. Until then i'm going to get the most out of this pc and these parts. This was my first build in a while and i'm proud of it. My cable management sucks. but none of my cables were to proper length. I ziptied what I could and tried to hide everything else. Don't like it? Shoot me. Thanks for reading, feel free to say what hot or not. And remember I didn't jump straight to an i5 or even lga 1150 because I didnt have the money and I like old parts. :)

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Lots of room, lots of spots for fans. Love it.


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