So my last gaming desktop was rocking a i7 4770k and 2x GTX Titan (Originals) in SLI. I was also only gaming on a 1080p 60hz monitor.. I decided if I was to go all out again on a build, this would be done right.


Starting off with the processor, I decided on Ryzen this time. It's a fantastic product, amazing value for the money and really for me, the only true choice for a VR Ready, 4K gaming, content creating, hardcore programming monster. This beast of a CPU has had 0 issues running anything I throw at it, 4k or not. The platform itself (Ryzen, or Zen) is fantastic and I lucked out buying late into the platform so most of the bugs were ironed out well before I got to purchase my stuff.


The motherboard for me was a no-brainer. I'm a huge fan of Asus (minus the GPUs.. yuck) and I wanted the best motherboard for the price I could afford. I've overclocked my Ryzen to 4.0Ghz @ 1.35v and have had 0 issues with it. Fully stable, as well as this board perfectly runs my 3200Mhz ram with no issues. Slap on DCOP Standard and wham, we good to go bros.


Now we get onto my favourite part, which is the GPU. 1080Ti was the only way to go. I debated grabbing a second and going back to my favourite SLI style set up but for now one will suffice. I used the funds I would have put into a second GPU for my VR Headset and some bling on the build itself.


The storage situation needs to be fixed in this build, and I plan on replacing the temporary ADATA 256GB m.2 SSD with a 1TB Samsung 960 Evo, as well as slapping a 1TB SATA Samsung 960 as the game storage. For now, the system will work as is.


Also, to touch on the whole Rift vs. Vive thing I'll just mention 2 things. 1) My play space is quite small so I opted for less room scale tracking and 2) I've been a fan of the Rift since they first put out the dev kits and I wanted to show my loyalty to the brand, regardless of the Zuck being involved. I don't regret my decision, I can do 360 view just fine with two sensors and all the games I love are available to me. I even cross play with a buddy of mine and his Vive doing some Arizona Sunshine for epic lulz and enjoyment.


Every other part should pretty much explain itself. I'm a Corsair fanboy (sponsor me pls) and absolutely love everything they come out with. The white 570x I'm rocking was paired perfectly with a white 750w RMx power supply and to me, minus the lack of combs since the black ones in the box didn't really hold well just makes the whole build look fantastic, especially on rainbow unicorn puke mode.

I did manage to snag a white 570x psu shroud cover directly from corsair to hide some of the ugly cables at the bottom. I haven't had time to install it yet but I will, and that's probably when I'll update the photos with some high end shots. But for now, and internal views all I got. Enjoy the build everyone!

Part Reviews


Minor platform quirks aside I can't tell you how much of a beast this processor is. Skip the 1800X and buy this, overclock it yourself and just laugh at the performance.

Ditch the stock cooler, it looks neat but you really need to cool this thing on water, or at least an AIO like I did.

Handles everything including 4k, vr and workstation tasks. Can't complain at all.

CPU Cooler

As much of a fan as I am of Corsair this cooler is absolute junk. Sure, it works. Sure, it cools your CPU like it's supposed to but damn is it garbage. The fins bend super easy (mine came out of the factory bent in a few places) as well as it's just a massive pain to switch the bracket to AM4 or anything else. Twist off? More like f off.


I have no idea where the complaints on this board come from, maybe I have a golden board but I've had 0 issues with this motherboard, and the platform for that matter since I switched from Intel.

Add a few more internal USB headers (there is only one, folks) and maybe 2 more chassis headers and we're golden.

Also please, for such a high end board can we get the USB3 header styled like the SATA ports.. like every other non garbage motherboard you make? :(

Video Card

I prefer the look and feel of 2 fan cards vs. 3 and EVGA for the last 7 years has never disappointed me. Don't feel like you need the FTW version of this card, this thing is a monster by itself and just looks amazing.


This is hands down the most beautiful case Corsair has ever made, and easily the entire reason why I got myself back into PC gaming after a long hiatus. I actually saw the black version of this case on display at my local parts store and I just.. I needed it. And I wasn't willing to wait for it either, even though at the time the case still hadn't reached inventory status at the shop.

Since then I've been the biggest fan of Corsair by far. The case has some minor quirks but is a joy and a pleasure to build in. I just wish they included the PSU shroud addon as part of the case, not an additional addon you must order directly from Corsair themselves.


Power Supply

I have mixed feelings on this power supply and not due to the unit itself, but due to the cable combs and overall feel. It's great, don't get me wrong but the in the box combs don't fit properly and the construction feels a little bit on the cheap side. Otherwise if you're going for looks and you have their 570x in white.. this is it boys.

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There's not enough RGB in there. You gotta pump those levels up.

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