Mine is in the rainbow fanned pics and his is in the blue fanned pics Built mine for gaming and Video editing, The temps for the cpu are ~35 idle and max 70c on max load GPU temps are like 30's idle and max 60 on max load CPU clocked to 4.2ghz and stable GPU clocked at 2070~ mhz stable

I also built another one for my brother that has most of the same parts (only differences is a gaming plus x470 and a ml240r as well as a gigabyte 1070ti) GPU is used on both.

His last (((gaming))) experience was with a 880m and a i7 so he wanted something a little more powerful.

I also never built a PC (atleast before mine) before so it was painful.

Part Reviews


better than my old 6700HQ from my laptop

CPU Cooler

hell came from its cousins but a good cooler


Good motherboard in terms of style points but its large heatsink on the self really shat on me since it blocked my rear 120mm fan slot


It looks gucci and it OC's to 3466mhz but there is somewhat noticeable (uWu) hotspotting on the lights


amazing ssd as far as i can tell, software makes me feel warm so 5 stars

Video Card

Overkill card for 1080p but got it for a good price.


good case for the price, high quality case and was weird building in a case where the psu was at the top and not the bottom.

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you made a GPU with an AIO look pretty decent, also the name of that build is pretty great

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hey bro i see u have arabic wallpaper where you from?

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Salam bro!

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if you are referring to america, here in canada we have to pay a 13% import tax on EVERYTHING.