This journey started back in October when I decided I wanted to upgrade my PC. Ive always wanted to build my own, so I started the process of deciding what I wanted. I'm an against the grain type, so I knew I was going to go with AMD build. Ryzen 5 was the perfect place to jump off from because I only really game, write, and browse. I didn't really need something with 8+ cores.

Once I settled on the processor I used this site to map out different routes for the build. I had planned on gradually acquiring parts with the goal of building in February 2018. That all changed with the holiday sale season. Basically I saw microcenter dropped the price on the Ryzen 5 to $169, had their Mobo bundle discount with a MIR for the Taichi, and had the 850 SSD on sale and took the plunge. Once I had those, I was basically all in and decided to make this build as a Christmas present for myself (married with 2 kids). I jumped on price deals that may not have been my first choice but offered incredible bang for the buck.

I opened up all my parts today and started the build. In total, it took about 3.5 hours with a few breaks sparsed in. The pics attached is the progression from empty case and barren board to the first boot up. Gotta say, hitting that power button and seeing the fans spin, ram and Mobo light up was one of the more gratifying things I've accomplished recently. Here are my pros and cons from the build:

Pros- 1. Taichi board is great. Easy to work with, solid construction, and built in wifi/bt is solid. Rgb is cool AF.

  1. All the Corsair components are stellar. Vengeance lights up great and I prefer the lights switching rather than in sync. Keyboard is amazing, love the software for it and the mouse. Mouse is great for large hands, solid feel to it.

  2. Power supply is super quiet, as are the fans for the case.

  3. The monitor is so smooth. I was skeptical with the nixeus brand at first but they made me a believer in their products. Screen is so sharp and the framerates are wow.

  4. Solid state is as fast as advertised.

Cons- 1. Putting the heatsink on the Ryzen sucked. Installing the processor went without a hitch but the spring loaded screws were a pain in my ***.

  1. I like everything about the case except for 3 things. One, no grommets. Two, the Mobo power cord is thick and takes a lot of space in the area where all the cables go. It made it a challenge to put the side plate on. Three, I had two threaded stand off holes which seems to happen way more than it should. I'll ding them on the review.

  2. I don't know if it's standard or not but having three connectors on the SATA power cables sucked for me. Maybe it has utlity for more advanced builds but I have two items needing SATA power with has 6 total connectors in my case.

Overall I'm really happy with the build and look forward to playing with it as time goes on.

Part Reviews


Processor is awesome and easy to install, heatsink on the other hand is not easy to install. But it easy very quiet.


Best board for AM4 period.

Video Card

It's an 8GB 580. What's not to like? For me it's the exposed circuit board on the top side of the GPU. I thought the entire card was cased when I bought it. No issues with performance, just aesthetics.


Fans are super quiet and look great. Plenty of space for components. Overall it's a great case. My issues are I had two threaded standoffs and cable management isn't the best. With no grommets and limited spacing on the back side it's not the best but not the worst.


Don't let the name scare you off. One of the best bang for your bucks out there.


Probably the best non mechanical keyboard you'll find. RGB is awesome, wrist pad is comfortable, and keys are easy to strike.


Solid feel, smooth movements, RGB controls, and great for large hands.


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