New Update 9.24.18 This machine is still going strong, not a single bug or downside to the rig. I added 2 TB of storage. Mechanical Seagate drive sits on the bottom under the shroud and doesn't interfere with airflow.

BUT WHAT IS UP WITH THE NEW NVIDIA RTX SERIES!!! What a scummy money grab! They changed the names to trick people ($$$ is the real name): 1080 TI became 2080 (same pricepoint) = no significant performance jump!!! "Oh you want a TI? Now you have to pay TWICE the amount of a 1080 Ti to get any significant performance jump." "But raytracing....wahhhh." "No, you won't be able to play 1440p or 4k and get consistent 60fps" What absolute garbage. The pricepoint is the name. $700-850 was the Ti pricepoint, so 1080TI=2080. They are trying to trick people into going up to Titen range for diminishing returns. First mining and now this?!?!?

I'm even happier with my 1080ti than ever now. You have to ask yourself: "What monitor am I using?" I have a 1440p 60hz LG Ultrawide and the 1080ti is PERFECT. Everything runs spectacularly. And it's affordable. Again, look at the deals I got. You can get them too, even better. I bet with black friday and holiday season coming, you can shave a few hundred off the price that I payed. SSD prices are silly cheap now. 1080ti's have great deals and everything else should be the same or a little cheaper.

Sorry NVIDIA, I will NEVER buy a RTX 2000 series card. I'll wait for the next one for a real performance jump.

See update below

This is my first build and shows what can be had with a little patience for $1.5k even with RAM and GPU prices going crazy in 2018. This thing crushes everything: productivity, workstation, entertainment, gaming.

Oh, and I work on a 1440p LG ultrawide ($480 from Newegg on Black Friday w/ 2 year warranty!) so the resolution is way more demanding for a system than 1080p.

Boots in seconds. Great MSI bios. Overclocks to 4.7ghz with one menu selection. Handles everything for the day: Chrome web, videos, daytrading software, photoshop, office, video editing, etc.

Gaming is pure butter at 60+fps ultra everything settings. Absolute immersion heaven with an ultrawide.

A big part of the allure was the deal-hunting: Got an ultrawide in the fall of 2017 for $480 (see above) so I needed a powerful pc (Gigabyte laptop with GTX 1060 wasn't cutting it).

I started in the winter with the EVGA power supply sale. Wanted a G3 but missed it and they were out of stock. Got the G2 750w for $65 (almost half price) without realizing that it would give a little trouble. (It's listed as incompatible but actually fits - found that out through forum search - you just have to remove the drive cages under the psu shroud. This technically leaves room for one more hard drive screwed to the bottom of the case.)

Next I got the case $55 (about $20 off). Again, on sale, highly rated. Case is understated and stealthy. No conspicuous gamer stuff - not my style. And quiet.

Next I got the the Cryorig H7 cooler. A bit of an impulse buy. $28 on sale on Newegg. Good reviews. Definitely the loudest fan in the case. Can be replaced later. Leaning toward Noctua...

Then a great combo came up on Newegg: The G.Skill RAM + Samsung SSD for $250. Yes, that's like getting RAM for $100 and 500gb SSD for $150 or vice versa.

All this time I was going back and forth between Ryzen and Intel... but leaning toward intel because of the integrated graphics. I didn't know how long it would be before I could get a GPU (damn crypto!) and I needed display port for my ultrawide. Maybe I could have/should have waited for Ryzen 2700x. but those ebay deals came along. Got an i7 8700k for $280... couldn't say no.

That settled the motherboard. I had already decided on mATX with the case (more on that later) and needed wifi. Decided to go with built in wifi and got the MSI Z370m Gaming Pro. And I am glad I did. BIOS is awesome. One menu setting (boost) and you have an instant overclock from 4.3 to 4.7ghz. This is stable for me (no thermal throttle) and until I get better cooling I probably wont get to 5.0ghz. I love everything about this motherboard. Great layout, great options.

Finally. I put everything together and got GPU alerts from for a 1080 ti. Couldn't afford anything with current prices between $900 and $1200 so I had to get an amazon restock at a minutes notice. Waited... waited... tried - out of stock.... waited... waited.... etc. ... Nabbed one for $740! Put that puppy and, and OHHH MYY GODD!

Now I understand the sheer bliss of building your own high-end machine.

Again, thanks to,, and, for making it possible.

Update: I'm not sure why this build isn't getting any attention. I think it's hard to beat for any similar price. There have been no flaws, no hiccups among the components. Simple. No headaches with weird cooling, incompatible ram, case space. Just RAW POWER (Jedi style). I'm getting 60fps with settings maxed/very high on every title at 3440 x 1440p ultrawide. This thing is an absolute beast. You can mess with Ryzen but it's pretty clear they haven't worked out the kinks. Adobe apps are giving Ryzen systems all kinds of headaches. It's just better to go with the things that are proven and consistent. But get high-end and on-sale! What's the point of trying to go freesync ultrawide when AMD cards can't even run 60fps?!?! It's a joke! Lot's of computers are a joke. This thing just gets you to where you need to be in 2018. And it could still be improved.... looking at you 8700k (thermals could be so much better - as proven by delidding...)

Part Reviews


Obviously a great processor. But hot.... It's proven that Intel cheaped out on the thermal construction of this chip. Probably have to delid it in the future for a really silent build and more overclocking...

CPU Cooler

Seems like a decent cooler and good offset clearance for RAM. But the fan is the loudest in my case (others being Fractal Design and Noctua).


Love this like me own 'mudder. A little expensive but feature rich and worth it if you can get a deal. Overclocks like a champ. Great bios.


Meh, RAM is good. But dat price tho....


Very good SSD. Get it for under $140 and you're golden.

Video Card

So far so good. A little on the warm side but graphics cards are finally living up to 1440p Ultrawide and 4k demands. Horray!


Great case. But so big for mATX.... First time build so it was a joy to work in... but in the future I would just go with a midtower for about the same dimension, or go down to itx for a more compact build.

Power Supply

Seems very well built and quiet. We'll see how long it lasts. This is listed as incompatible with Fractal Design Define mini c but if you remove the drive cage or even shift it all the way over it will fit.


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Been waiting for a new build with the fractal design c mini , what are your thoughts on it and have you ever regretted getting a case without a window?

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No regrets on the case since I was going for a quiet stealthy power rig that will actually end up living under the desk on a custom shelf with lots of airflow. I prefer a clean desk setup. The case next to the monitor feels claustrophobic. If I wanted the window I would have bought the meshify c for sure. Fractal design is fantastic quality and value imo. Next time, however, I will either go itx or midtower. The design c mini is rather large for matx.

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Update: Bought more noctua fans. 2 for the front and one for the back. Now the fractal fans included with the case are on the top vent. Temps dropped by 10 degrees! Witcher 3 runs around 58c on the cpu and 84c on the gpu (that's Zotac's design).

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Really clean build, i like the simple look of micro atx boards. sli really doesnt seem worth it to me considering most games dont seem to benefit from having 2 graphics cards vs 1. The only thing i may have done differently is bought a founders 1080 ti card. In a small build like this i would rather pull air into the card and push it out the back instead of spreading more air throughout the system. It may have made it a little more loud but i think it would have helped improve the inside temperatures

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LG 34CB88-P 34" Ultrawide QHD 21:9 Curved IPS Monitor, 3440 x 1440 5ms, AMD FreeSync, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB Quick Charge Thoughts: FreeSync is a bit of a joke as a Vega 64 can't even run AAA titles on very high settings consistently over 60fps. So I'm locked at 60 with my 1080 ti. But it's a solid 60... and that's a good thing. Never going back to non-ultrawide though. Probably upgrade to a g-sync monitor in the future...but I think that will be when I upgrade the graphics card as well because things are just not good enough for the higher res yet. Yes, I know you can tweak setting, I know older games get great frames.... but I can't even get a heavily modded Skyrim to run consistantly over 60fps with all this hardware. Consistent 4k over 60fps is not quite here yet. We need 'headroom', not 'just enough'. This setup handles 60fps, in most cases, with headroom.

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