Built this to replace my 2010 budget gaming PC. Stuck with the black and red themes, because I love the look!

Used to play Overwatch at 144hz and stream at the same time.

Really love using only a SSD - boot and load times are lightning quick and keeps the computer pretty silent.

Part Reviews


Great processor, perfect for gaming without breaking the bank.

CPU Cooler

Works, quiet, LED's are cool. Bigger than I expected, which means more airflow.


Good motherboard, wish the LED's were a bit stronger / more prevalent. I like the software it came with


Pretty straight forward and fast!


Love having an SSD. Definitely never going back to a HDD.

Video Card

Good GPU for the price! Plays all my games without a problem.


Case fit the color scheme! The side window is tinted, so it dampens the interior LEDs, but it works fine.

Power Supply

Love the semi-modular. I don't think I'd have any difference in cables going with fully modular and it was cheaper. Awesome

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  • 20 months ago
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good build