I wanted to build an affordable and upgradable gaming PC so I could actually play games and replace the cheap laptop at home. It runs pretty well other than the fact that the GPU doesn't have the best cooling and gets pretty hot when under heavy load.

Part Reviews


Really great cpu for less than 200 cad if you don't want to overclock, if you do, go for the 2600


It's a good, easy to use motherboard with WiFi


Really fast ram for a good price


This might seem a bit sketchy if our look at the price but it worked great for me, its a really fast ssd for a cheap price, great for a budget build

Video Card

This card works and gets good frames but it can get quite hot (85+°c) under load


Really easy case to work with, it has simple cable management and also comes with some cool rgb, it's a great budget case


It's a great mouse for the price that comes with LEDs and programmable buttons, feels kinda cheap but then again, it is cheap

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