This is long overdue, I know. I just had the feeling that I wanted to get it done, so here I am.

I built this Christmas day 2017. I took 4 hours (this was my first time working on a computer) but it still wouldn't boot. Everything turned on but I wasn't getting any signals on my monitor. I had to stop building and wait until the night since we were having family over. During the party, I had an idea and came into my room where the computer was. Up until this point I was very careful not to do anything risky, however I thought I knew the fix. While standing in my socks on my rug, I reached into the computer and plugged in THE BIG FAT PSU CABLE FOR THE MOTHERBOARD. THAT WAS THE THING I FORGOT TO PLUG IN. Like duh, how could I miss that? Anyway when the computer finally booted into the bios, I came running out of my room to tell my parents what had just happened. I installed windows and the rest is history...

While many of the prices of these items have gone up or down, I set the price to how much it was when it was purchased.

Pictured in the fourth to last picture is my setup in early 2018. I think it was in February that my cousin was getting rid of some old monitors at his work, when he stopped by and gave one to me and one to my brother.

In the last few pictures you can see my setup now, complete with a Nintendo Switch (I love me some Zelda) and a new desk. When I'm playing my Switch I just slide my chair over. Also, in the little cubby I have my controllers and games on top, my N64 controller on the bottom, and my old drawing tablet in the middle. I played the rhythm game OSU a lot with that thing, but the tablet had a lot of difficulties and I stopped playing. More recently Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Destiny 2 have been my main games, but I also went through an Overwatch phase.

I might do another completed build if I get a new case for my PC. If anyone is interested, you can see my current parts in my saved parts list, titled "My Current Build." I have made all sorts of upgrades.

Part Reviews


Great starter CPU. I'm more of a Ryzen guy because you can upgrade or downgrade to whichever Ryzen CPU you would like, whenever.


Great for the price. I've only ever had one problem, but it seemed to fix itself.


Fantastic colors and great price. Too bad it looks like it isn't available anymore.


I love the red switches, and the RGB control and customization are great. Sometimes I have to wait a minute to open the software but other than that I don't have any issues. If you can get a good price on this and are looking for a tkl keyboard, pull the trigger on this one.


Amazing sound quality, but it doesn't exactly fit my head. It was always a little on the outside of my ear, so I would always have to make some weird face movements to adjust it.


Perfect. Just what I needed, and the price I was willing to pay. I used this to install windows on multiple computers and I have had 0 issues so far.


Great for the average gamer with low sensitivity. If you need to go any bigger than this, you should just get the full desk mat as I did.


Pretty good. Too bad the cable isn't longer.

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Destiny! Good choice