This was a Machine for my personal use at home for gaming and low end Video Publishing.

Initially I heard that AMD hadn't updated their Bios to support memory over 2400mhz so that is what I bought mistake within weeks all that changed so If I was you I would go 3200mhz . MSI claims that they you can use up to 4000mhz memory on this board....but for me 3200mhz is the sweet spot for most bang for your buck for my needs.

Also Be sure to get a Monitor with at least 144Mhz listed, AMD freesync compatible, and 1ms ....bought a monitor that said it was a gaming had to return it ....looking to buy a Optix G27C2 in the near future.

Part Reviews


Love getting this much power in my CPU for under $300. Was able to OC it to 3.9 stable with just the Wraith Spire that came with the CPU.


This Motherboard has so many options. It is best to know what it comes with ....If I had known about the M.2 SSD turbo options. I would have made a different decision about my boot drive. Also with the ability to up grade in the future with extra memory slots up to 64 GB and ability to go crossfire if you need too. Plus the Graphics PCI port is fortified to make sure the heavier video boards like mine do not end up bending the PCI port making it loose and unresponsive in the future. Easy to use Bios if your not a Super wiz....can give you added power without being a total number cruncher on the OC.


Love these new SSDs great way to rewrite you Operating system without losing years of Data.

Video Card

Not as much as I initially thought I was getting Graphics wise.....but the coolest package ever for a Graphics Board. When someone's going to put a Pentigram on my Graphics board...yep I am going to buy May need to sacrifice a goat to make sure I am getting the most out of this board. jk.


Great, roomy, easy to install all my devices....only thing I was looking for was a bay for my optical drive...just bought a usb to sata cord and bought a lil black when I need it I just plug it in...but I guess I am just too old school...still want a 1.44 drive lol....the rest of the layout was great with lots of tie down spots and just enough holes in just the right places and just the right sizes to get all my cables where they needed to go with out looking like a cuthulu possession. Everything is now snug and locked down and allowed me great areas to use my LEDs to light the Motherboard and other devices especially my Red Devil's Pentigram and give me viewing pleasure of all my sweet toys.

Power Supply

Great, durable, well made and enough power for my hungry Rx 580 Red Devil Graphics Board at a Gold rated power usage.

Operating System

"It's Alright?"......yes, still need a better brain in your golden speedo wearing monster.

Wireless Network Adapter

Excellent Connect-ability compromise so I didn't need to run a Lan cable upstairs to my Den.


Nice ease of use and at a excellent bargain.


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Looks good!

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tell me about ram its running at full speed or ?

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Im thinking of getting the same graphics card. How well does it preform for you? For the same price I may get a 1060 6gb. I would only get the 580 for freesync...

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The 580 8GB either smashes the 1060 6GB, or Marginally beats it, some cases the 1060 wins slightly in heavily favored Nvidia optimized games...

8GB vs 6GB

Example- 580 runs faster than the 1060 6GB @ 1080p Ultra using DX11 (known as nvidias stronger API, so thats something to consider) Game- Star Wars Battlefront 2 the lootbox awakens lmao.

Also the 580 supports Vulkan which is incredibly fast compared to Nvidia on same games (if devs optimize/implement it of course)

1060 draws only 120 watts, while the 580 draws around 150- Watts. minimum 500 watt PSU for the 580 and 400 watt for the 1060, i recommend the 580 8GB seeing as you do get 2GB more Vram, proper Vulkan support, DX12 support, constant driver updates (not CONSTANT, but u know what i mean), if AMD keeps improving upon GCN then the 580 will just get faster and faster vs the 1060. Hope this helped!

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Nice Build! Did you end up getting a FreeSync monitor? Curious because I purchased the "Optix G27C2" over the Black Friday sale, however, I just had to return the monitor for replacement. I kept getting intermittent black screen(as if the monitor was losing connection and resetting) that would last for 1-3 seconds. From what I've found online it seems to be a high occurrence for this type of issue with no direct answer as to how to fix it. Let me know if you or anyone you know has this monitor. Thanks. (Using Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580)

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How did you change the colour on the R7 Stock cooler?I have this board and processor and I didn't know you could do that