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Portable Gaming / School Build

by Avro777



Date Published

July 31, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

3.4 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

30.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

60.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.441 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

8 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

26.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

65.0° C


I built a portable gaming and schoolwork PC in the middle of May to bring here to Turkey for the summer for gaming. I brought it, in my backpack on an 11 hour plane ride.

Part Reviews


Very good, does what I need it to which includes ultra 1080p gaming at 60 fps or higher, lots and lots of internet surfing, and multitasking, although it is not a.. ahem R5 1600. Good CPU, recommended.

CPU Cooler

Noise wise, very good in my opinion. Faintly audible, and I don't get bothered by the sound of the 92mm fan anyways. Installion wise, it was decent, not bad at all. Actually, it was great. Easy peasy installation. No hiccups. Aesthetics wise, absolutely sexy. Recommended 7/5


SATA port placement inner behind the RAM is outrageously terrible. BIOS and startup is 3/5, I don't really like it. Buggy and glitchy. Other than that, the motherboard has 0 problems going for it, has the mitx trickery like others. .


It's RAM. Has no problems, looks good and is a bit pricey because of the RAM shortage. Recommended.


Very good SSD, noticed no speed difference between my previous 850 EVO 500GB. Sticker looks cheap though.

Video Card

Performance wise, it is very good. Rainbow 6, GTA 5, Far Cry 4, all exceeded my expectations. You can count on this to play 1440p at 60 fps with a mix of ultra-high-medium settings for sure.

Temperature and Noise wise; it is terrible. The built in fan curve spins the fans only after 60°C, of which at 70°C the card always shuts off to not overheat. I made sure the max tempature was 85°C and made a custom fan curve, of which I also saved. The curve would not implement itself unless Afterburner was running in the background. The fans after 40% sounded LOUD, and I have a very high tolerance for fan noise.

The card shut off randomly sometimes, which I ruled for overheating although it was only at 70°C. Either the card is weird and shuts off at 70°C, or I received a lemon. When the card shut off it also killed the display, sound and whole PC with it. I always had to do a hard reset and hope it didn't do it again.

If you're looking to buy this, don't do it. I don't have beef with Sapphire, I just have beef with this particular card. If you don't want to test your luck go for the Gigabyte Aorus RX 580 or Gaming X 580 by MSI. Don't buy it.


If you buy this case prepare to swear A LOT. Prepare to sacrifice a **** ton of blood and have heart attacks when you accidentally too violently pull out that SSD tray. You will doubt the durability and sturdiness of your power cables, they will be bent A LOT. The case is really portable, though, and allowed me to travel with it for 9000 km without even one hiccup. In economy. If you never have a long trip abroad twice or thrice a year or if you mostly sit at your desk in your sweet home for 330 days, don't buy this, but rather a Thermaltake Core V21. Only buy this for long car and plane trips, maybe even for the biweekly bike rides on your back. What?

Power Supply

I had no problems with it, no coil whine, and the fan only starts up on heavy loads. Very small too. I really recommend it. 10/10

Operating System

The price is terrible.

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MuchLinux6500 2 Builds 4 points 19 months ago

Wow! Cool. :) +1

Avro777 submitter 1 Build 2 points 19 months ago


jalingo5 3 points 19 months ago

I've heard really good things about the Sapphire card and seen great reviews online. Could your case just naturally be hotter because of its size? Or did you buy the pulse version which is somewhat worse?

Avro777 submitter 1 Build 1 point 19 months ago

Nope, I made sure I bought the Nitro+. The case could and probably is a factor of hotter temperatures, but whenever the card shut off it did not exceed 76°C or so as I recall right now. I also created and applied an extremely aggressive fan curve, which the card only got to 76°C whenever I forgot to open Afterburner.

Selicos 1 point 19 months ago

Try contacting Saphire or the seller for an RMA or exchange. The RX line usually throttles at 80C but can easily run 90c for brief periods. I had my RX 470 set to throttle at 85c with a passive heat sink fed by case fans. you can also check the AMD tools to see if something is weird there.

click71 1 point 19 months ago

is no one going to point out the fact that the clearance between the exhaust of the gpu and the case is rather short? the Nitro+ is going to last in that case hahaha

skyrise 1 Build 3 points 17 months ago

Your PC case is very small and cramped, the airflow is not enough and you have overclocked the GPU to it's limits...

That is why your GPU is running hot.

constantdisplay 2 points 19 months ago


Avro777 submitter 1 Build 1 point 19 months ago


Issacsweg 2 points 19 months ago

nice portable build. how are you able to play this at school?

Avro777 submitter 1 Build 1 point 19 months ago

Haha, homework and gaming all at home is what I meant. Thanks!

Yohman971 1 Build 1 point 15 months ago

Hello. 1) I own same case and same GPU but I cannot fit the GPU into the Node 202 case following the "Graphic Card installation" chapter from the manual. How did you manage to place it? Because I can put the screw in to bottom left corner of the card (near BIOS switch), the silver plate "hide" the screw hole of the case...

2) What are your thermals as you just use the C7 cooler and just GPU fans? No additionnal case fans needed for summer temperatures??

LiqiuidMotionz 1 Build 1 point 7 months ago

dude i have the same card and mine stays a toasty 50c and never gets hotter, i doubt its the card might be that tiny little case you got there