First of all, thanks for cheking my build out!

I've built this PC in August 2019, as my first self-built gaming PC. Before this i've had a prebuilt system and i slowly wasn't able to play newer titles (like Battlefield 5), even though i haven't had that PC for that long. And so i've decided to build my own rig and PC building became one of my favorite hobbys.

Just a few things to my build: It wasn't the best idea to go with 3 storage devices, especially that Kingston SSD doesnt have the speed it should have.

The next thing that bothered me was the case. It's built well and it looks very nice, but it isn't really functional. The airflow really sucks, even though i am using all 4 fan slots (also with good fans).

The SSD brackets in the back are also ridicoulous. I had to put both on the PSU shroud (as you can see it in some pictures) because i couldn't connect any cables to the SSD if mounted at the back. There was just not enough place to do so.

The last thing was the worst for a first time builder. At first i've had a 280mm DeepCool Castle AIO, which i should have been able to mount at the front (said so on NZXT's website and in the manual). I've tried it every possible way, with the fans inside, outside, radiator upside down, normal position, literally every way. I couldn't screw that AIO to the front fan panel. I don't know whether it's NZXT's fault or Deepcool's, but the screws weren't long enough to be able to go through the thin metal plate of the case, the fans and the radiator.

My graphics card btw isn't the PNY card, i took it because it looks the same, i've had mine taken out of my old prebuilt and slapped it in this one. I also just took the launch price of a normal GTX 1070, because i haven't bought it, like i've said before ( just for the people to see the whole cost of the build).

All in all, i really liked building this PC and i will upgrade it in the future with a new case, AIO, new gpu and custom cables.

Thanks for reading! :)

P.S.: I know the 750W PSU is overkill, but i've gotten it for the same price new as if i would have bought a 600W one!

Update 1: Bought a GPU-bracket because my GPU had a little sag and i've also needed a RGB splitter cable, beacuse my motherboard only had 1 5v 3-Pin connector.

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  • 1 month ago
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Awesome build dude!

  • 1 month ago
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Thank you!

  • 1 month ago
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Always a great feeling building your first PC! You will be suprised in a few years how good you can get at it and how far your builds will come.

It's a nice build with a lot of upgradeability.

Lastly where did you get your wallpaper?

  • 1 month ago
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Thanks for the good words! The wallpaper is from WallpaperEngine on Steam (it costs 5€ i think).