I currently use this PC for some high performance required games like, ARMA III, GTA V, and it just makes all other games at the very least 60+ fps. The monitor could be upgraded if you wanna see the 120fps since refresh rate is 60 you will basically be limited to 60 fps. Also, the GPU runs very well with VR and even with that, it is very quiet. The total for the build was around $1950 with tax included from different merchants, mostly from amazon and best buy. Get an external DVD/CD Drive to download the Windows operating system. I will say, you may wanna get a DisplayPort to HDMI cable because the GPU has 3 DisplayPort ports.

Part Reviews


CPU very efficient and low temp, works very well under high performance stress

CPU Cooler

With my current build it looked like it was going to be too big but it is the perfect size in the case that I got. May seem like the bulkiest part of the build but it really keeps the temp on the CPU low under high stress.


Colorful, wish the PCiEx16 further from the CPU wasnt so close to the SAT cables to allow the GPU to be further away from everything else while having those SATA cable available. Still very good motherboard, easy instructions to figure out, just gotta read a good bit. Also Wifi is very good


Allows high performance and hasn't bugged out just yet, very nice high five!


Its and SSD and it works 5 stars!


Its a hardrive and it works. 5 stars!

Video Card

Very quiet. has an idle mode for when it is not in full use that expands the life time and it is also very quiet for a high performing GPU


For the price of it, it is a very sturdy case, nice designs on the front, easy access dust collectors for easy cleaning, and good amount of space for wire management. Directions in the case are very easy to follow.

Power Supply

easy to install, some cables were a bit long for what I needed, but maybe that was just for my build.

Operating System

It works.......... 5 stars!


Nice graphics for what its worth.


Very comfortable keyboard. The RGB on it is very nice, and it comes with an option called gamer mode to disable the windows button so you dont accidentally press it which is a nice touch and means they put thought into this. Other than that it looks and feels awesome.

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how is oc 9700k with this mobo?