First high end build. Got parts for a good price on Black Friday 2016. Use it for gaming. Build went totally smooth, no problems, and all works perfectly. Accidentally installed the aio upside down, but I plan to fix that when I decide to order some better thermal paste and get the time. I can update with benchmarks if anyone is interested.

*note: this is posted so late after the build because I could not figure out how to mark the build as completed. I finally figured it out and now I feel dumb, but I post it nonetheless

Part Reviews


Brilliant cpu. Easy, nice overclocking, very fast and at a low price for the kind of chip it is. Perfect for gaming.


Good board for the price. Had some small issues with the audio, and I wish there were more usb 3.0 headers. Good overclocking, though, and plenty of external i/o (including thunderbolt) as well as both an m.2 and a u.2 slot!


Really good for the price, and the lights are a nice touch if they match your build. I'm not sure if you can turn them off though.


Glad I spent the extra money to get this instead of some other cheap brand, as it's very much worth it. Boot times with my 6600k are only 7-10 seconds from the system being off, to being in windows, which is insane coming from something like a console. The entire OS is supper quick and snappy. It's roomy enough for me to store the games I'm currently playing, and quick enough to load most games in only a few seconds. Definitely recommend to any system builder.

Video Card

Amazing card if you catch it on sale. Overclocking was meh, but performance is still through the roof. It's driving every game I play at 1440p with maxed settings at ease.


Good looking, great features, easy building. Side panel window is really nice.

Power Supply

Serves it's purpose as a power supply, and no problems so far. Cabling is great because I didn't want to buy custom sleeved cables, and these look really nice.

Operating System

A bit pricey, but I needed DX12 to play games on. It's windows, so it works as intended. The usb installation was really smooth and easy, though.


2 dead pixels in center of screen, and horrific backlight bleed, but they're not noticeable when playing games. For the price, its a very good monitor, but there are defects


10/10 best keyboard I've ever owned. Perfect for gaming, and the software is spectacular


Very good mouse, I like all of the extra buttons and how I can map them to functions in a game. G-mode is a practical feature I use when playing games to map two extra functions to the buttons next to lmb, but it isn't really practical when adding functions to the other buttons as they are either unreachable, or not affected by G-mode. Wont dock any stars for this though, as it is a very minor issue and there are many games where you wouldn't want to match tons of macros to the extra mouse buttons.


Great headset for the price, picked it up when my old ones stopped working.

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  • 36 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice build! +1 May I ask? Any problems with that monitor? I plan on purchasing one.

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks, and no huge problems with the monitor. The stand is wobbly, but it isn't unbearable. Backlight bleed is bad but not noticeable when playing games, watching movies, etc. Mine did have two dead pixels in the center, but they're very hard to see without the entire screen being one color.

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

You're welcome! Hmm, thanks for the reply.

  • 36 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice build love the colors and great choice on the keyboard

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[comment deleted]
  • 36 months ago
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What exactly makes them inconsistent or unreliable? I haven't had any issues thus far with mine.