My first pc, wooo!

Installing the motherboard into the IO shield was a bit of a hassle, but nothing compared to installing the cpu cooler. Ugh. Installing that thing took me three hours. The instructions weren't clear on how to attach the fans. On of the fans doesn't really fit because of the ram cards, so the two bottom most fins aren't behind a fan.

The case is great though, totally worth the money.

Part Reviews


Good CPU, I'm not sure if its worth the cost, probably is.

CPU Cooler

Good cooler, but very difficult to install. Screwing it to the MoBo was really finicky. The manual wasn't clear on how to clip the fans on the radiator.


Very nice, good bios. Bit finicky to install into the IO shield.


Seems good, easy to use. I really like the color, it is a very bright metalic red.


Works out of the box. Easy to install.

Video Card

Other cards may be cheaper, but This card gan run all the games I throw at it at or just below ultra settings at 75+ fps. I use it with a i7-6700k.


I really like this case, but the connectors from the leds and power button were a bit finicky to install on a Asus Z170-A ATX LGA1151.

Power Supply

Works great, very nice packaging. Not very quiet, but quiet enough. More than enough cables and cable accessories.


Very good pricee for a 1440p monitor. Works great. A bit heavy though.


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Neat build there, but I might see the reason why CPU cooler installation took you 3 hours, so here's a little tip - next time install it before putting the mobo in the case, should be easier without the GPU and case surrounding it.