New Desktop / CI Server / Gaming Machine. Runs Windows 10 and will run Linux (if I can find a BIOS / Kernel combo that works[UPDATE: Kernel before 4.14 work or compiled with CONFIG_CRYPTO_DEV_SP_PSP=n. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installs]). What was going to be a top radiator became a front radiator without too much of a problem (blows into case, temps good)

NewEgg Shipped internationally (cooler, motherboard, NVMe disk and ram) in a single layer cardboard box with large space filling bags and no bubble-wrap. Shopping Express shipped domestically in a Dual layer, with bubble wrap and suitable filling. I may buy from Shopping Express in future, I won't buy from NewEgg, the 10% discount is not worth the 100% worry. Some of the concertina photo's of NewEgg's packing, I was taking for an assumed warranty claim are above.


Noctua fans can be set to 15-25%, keeping the CPU/GPU cool enough when gaming and are silent.

ASRock works very well.

MSI gets 144fps most of the time at 1080p.

The chewing gum (NVMe) harddrive never gets above 40c (100F)

Case is solid for the price.

in hindsight

would not have gotten the BlueRay, external USB3 disks are cheaper per GB and re-writable

case is acrylic windowed, possibly would have gone with an offset top radiator case like the Fractal Meshify C if I had known.

motherboard phase-power cooler and radiator fans have a 1cm (3/8") conflict. Had to make it a front radiator with the Notua fans pushing. Enermax fans are exhausting on the top


Case front panel is difficult to get 140mm fans into. Have to unscrew, push down and then not disconnect panel cables, install fans and do all steps in reverse.

Motherboard has recommended max of 2 dimms on a lot of ram packages (including the one I bought, didn't check), memtest is getting infrequent moving errors. The address changes, 1 in 10-20 passes/test suites.

NewEgg's shipping. Simply Sub-standard. International shipping of heavy components should not be done in a single walled box cardboard box without layers of bubble wrap (most of the space fill air bags that were used simply broke.

Total Build $3900AUD


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That CPU is NOT running a 2.147 petahertz.

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I seems like the GPU is what might bottleneck the build, if at all! Incredible build, love how it actuallu stays at low temps like it showed! +1

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"Motherboard has recommended max of 2 dimms on a lot of ram packages" what do you mean with sentence?

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Sorry about getting back so slowly, and after X-mas.

The board has a number of "Approved" memory configurations. It works on non-approved configs but I have transitory errors on memtest86 (1 in 5-15 passes, a pass takes ~8h on multi CPU). This could be a problem with the speed, memory or memory/board. It is infrequent enough that I don't care.

I have the CMK64GX4M4C3000C15 package which is not on the list. CMD64GX4M4B3000C15 is on the list but only in a 2 stick configuration. The letter there can be a B, C or D, not sure what that signifies.

PS have my 3000 memory running at 2800.

PPS the list should be taken skeptically, since there are 8 dimm configs approved (Century Micro), which don't fit on the X399M, only the X399.

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2.147 petahertz... Holy s**t.

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threadripper for gaming got some trust in noctua at least cuz those things bake

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i would disagree, my TR runs much cooler than my 8700k

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both of them are hotplates lol but if you have a processor like that you can always underclock and that aio is really good

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