This is my first build. Learned a lot throughout the entire process. It took me around a month or so from starting to have an idea of building a pc to making this rig complete.

I didn't have hyper 212 evo on at first, but sudden spikes in cpu temps worried me which later I found out that my stock intel cpu cooler was loose, and noob me thought the arrow on the pin was lock.... (hence the hyper 212 and 4 x 120mm rosewill fan came)

I didn't focus much on aesthetics as it was not and still not my priority, as well as I don't want to pay a lot more on RGB fans and rams just to make it look 'nice'.

I'm still terrible at cable management (any advice would be much appreciated).

I'm also working on airflow. Right now 2 have 2 x 140mm front fans intake, 1 x 120mm bottom fan intake, 1 x 140mm rear fan exhaust and 3 x 120mm top fan exhaust.

I plan to have 2 bottom fan and 2 front fan as intake , 1 rear and 2 top as exhaust so i can have positive air pressure. Any advice on that would also be much appreciated.

Also, after using my 144hz monitor for a while (less than a month), looking at my cousin's 60hz monitor was dramatically worse. LOVE MY 144HZ MONITOR.

Part Reviews


I thought I don't need a aftermarket cpu cooler, but I DID. And prolly so will you. So get a more powerful 7700k, get a good cpu cooler. you won't regret.

This chip is also a great product!

CPU Cooler

A little work to put it together but it would be much better than a stock intel cooler like mine lol!

The heatsink is SHARP and easy to bend, be careful.


Great mobo so far. the wifi and bluetooth saved me money. i wish the lights on it would be a bit brighter but that doesn't bother me.


They perform well. Get the job done.


It does its job. recommended.

Video Card

Has been great so far, no coil whine. Has rgb lights that pop 'fan stop' when the fans stop. recommended!


This case is awesome with a lot of modification you can do. remove the HDD cage if you don't need. I would advise you to try and take the optical cage out too for better airflow (im trying to figure that out myself).

Power Supply

Does its job. Quiet, hefty, has a bunch of wire included. Good buy overall,

Case Fan

They are very quiet and do their job in my opinion, cheap, get the work done. If you don't care about RGB then this is no brainer.


MUST GET. SUB 200 144hz monitor! roughly $60 more from any generic 24" 60hz monitor, $60 is well worth the extra. Trust me.


The grip isn't that good but I get used to it. I bought it because I love wireless things on my desk although I do a lot of FPS.

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  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

How are cpu temps with the new cooler? Still high?

  • 26 months ago
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sorry for the late reply.. its pretty good now. 30c idling :)

  • 7 months ago
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How is the graphics card's reliability/performance up to this date? any issues ?