note: pics aren't current, nor taken at initial build, that's why some parts are missing and it's a bit dusty. parts list is current. this beast has been around the block a couple years now




welcome to my first gaming, streaming, and productivity station. first things first, this is a budget setup. there are certainly parts I'd rather have had, but alas, the beauty of working with what you have. i love this PC (first build), and it works well for what i need it to do. my primary uses include gaming, video editing, streaming, watching videos, and multitasking. i acquired parts and constructed this PC between christmas 2015 - june 2016 (build dates estimated), but the build was ever evolving, and it is now in final rare form. considering the first functioning form was about a $375 investment, I'm excited how far it has come

quick breakdown of why i chose which parts

CPU - i got this for free, which was unbelievable, but i have good friends. i would like an unlocked multiplier, but this CPU does amazing on a budget. low power draw, efficient, and just powerful enough for a decent stream

CPU FAN - trusted brand, affordable price, and I was just looking for an upgrade over the stock cooler, even though i can't overclock

MOBO - it was right around my $100 price range, and included the USB 3.0 headers i wanted. includes all features i need, and i trust GIGABYTE for a solid budget component. z97 chipset was nice in this price range

SSD - i chose this for my boot drive because it was affordable, and it is from a more trustworthy brand than other cheap SSDs

HDD - seagate makes solid, affordable hard drives

RAM - both were affordable, and were all i needed to get the job done

CASE - cheap case. i probably wouldn't choose it again, but it does a fine job of housing my first build. has a cool look

PSU - got hooked up here for a huge discount from a friend here. there is no way I would've had a PSU this nice if I were buying it from a store or online. allows for future upgrades galore. quality build

GPU - decided to rock some more GIGABYTE for budget reasons, but i love this card. has been a beast so far, does all it can while being bottlenecked by the CPU. cools great (the highest I've ever gotten it while really pushing the overclock was 87 @ 65% fan), and i got it for a good sale price. liked rbg customization

FANS - if you have the money in your budget, get Noctua fans. they are the best quality on the market and very quiet, despite not bearing the most sightly color scheme always. the Rosewill is just like any other cheap 120mm fan, got it for that and all black

NC - TP-Link is a brand i trust for networking, and this card was the best bang for the buck, as it included the a/b/g/n i sought after

PERIPHS - went with cherry red switches on the keyboard to be a little bit more quiet. has awesome RGB lights. the mouse is fantastic if you like MMOs or having many binds available at your fingertips. not the best for FPS games. RGB lights. headphones are essentially your run-of-the-mill wired headphones by a reputable company at a budget price. my two monitors pictured are an ASUS (left) and Acer (right). They are both 60 hz, 4-5 years old, and do an alright job for what i require of them. webcam was cheap, and 720p which is reasonable quality for the price

and now some quick results

Fire Strike: 8585

Heaven (extreme): 1408



but what about games?

i play a variety, and it does well on all of them. run PUBG, Rocket League, Skyrim, GTA V, Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, Runescape, Fornite, Bioshock, Borderlands, Dead by Daylight...all maxed. typically all over 60 FPS. this rig is right in its sweet spot at 1920x1080 60fps gaming

thats all


if you have any questions, ask in comments, tweet me @solukegames, or ask me on stream at let me know what you think about my build! my knowledge of PC building is intermediate, but I enjoy talking about it, so please enlighten me

Part Reviews


effiecient processor. pretty powerful even years later, allowing me to have a good gaming experience. not great for streaming, or anything else that is very CPU intensive, but its a really solid cpu

CPU Cooler

it's just really cheap. heat sink bends extremely easily and 2/4 plastic pins that connect to mobo broke. it worked fine but after just moving it a couple times it was surprisingly fragile. would recommend the slightly more expensive hyper 212 evo


solid motherboard for $100. z97 chipset is nice at this price. has usb 3.0, HDMI, and the audio is solid. bios is okay not great


not much to say here. picked them up for $30 on sale and they have never failed me yet. not the fastest RAM but price was right


looks good, functions well. not top tier RAM speed, but it is great on a budget


good rating for the price first and foremost. these are no samsung drives, but they still have decent read/write speeds. has never malfunctioned and is a great cheap boot drive option


good speeds, not too loud, good $ per GB. seagate is always my go to for cheap hard drives

Video Card

high base/boost clock, overclocks decently (not a ton since stock speeds are oc'd), cool rgb, kicks *** for 1080p at 60fps. 3 fans, always cool, quiet. huge, but i love it, just make sure it fits your case


its okay. i like the usb 3.0 and dedicated restart button on the front panel. cool design. doesn't have a lot for cable management, case got pretty full feeling. no psu shroud or anything fancy. metal is cheap and window is tinted plastic. included fan is not worth much but i used it as a 4th fan. not bad for a cheap case

Power Supply

best power supply. seriously. not too overkill, plenty of juice, gold certified

Wireless Network Adapter

small, functions well, good wireless speeds especially compared to a little USB wifi dongle. if you need to use wifi its worth investing into a PCI-e card, and this one isn't bad at all

Case Fan

very affordable, moves air quite well, non-PWM, not overly noisy but also not quiet

Case Fan

great fans. built well, silent, efficient. 4 pin PWM for custom control is nice


used as 2nd monitor. picked it up new for dirt cheap on ebay. great color. don't like gaming on it due to 5ms response time


had this monitor since 2013. used it for xbox, then once i got a PC it became my main monitor and i still use it. would be nice to upgrade from 60hz, but this monitor still has good response time and i like it for my 1080p needs


cherry reds baaaaby. nice lighting and customization options. great value


its cool. lots of buttons. good for if you play a lot of MMOs. not great for FPS


its cool they work and have pretty decent sound for $50 headset


cheap extended mouse pad with a cool design. wears noticeably over time but worth the price

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Looks like your running windows 10, I had that same wifi card and found that since driver support stopped in like 2014 i think the card kinda just stopped working for me. Any issues? I ended up swapping to the cheapest Asus AC model. Works well.

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3 point, Stephen Curry!!

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