Otherwise known as Commerce All elements Machine.

For Productivity and Gaming. Of course.

Will post some performance benchmarks soon.

A drill was required to mount the 200mm fans. The compatibility for 200's on this case doesn't include Noctua. Had to switch out the Silverstones 200 in the first picture due to reasons. The second picture is the fully assembled system with the boxes of the components, which themselves are inside the case.

Had to use a bit of pressure on the case and the GPU to screw it in firm, heard a slight crack of plastic. It's perfectly fine. The wiring was simple enough but definitely the most tedious part. Application of liquid metal with 70 watts per meter squared of heat transfer was intense, did not delid.

The green rgb is to indicate temperature, otherwise, would probably be violet. Though the ice blue coloring scheme strikes a nice balance between flashy and focused.

The Bios update that came with the software included with the motherboard wouldn't let my system start (stuck on windows repair) had to connect it online through bios and then it found what it needed to find.

Decently quiet.

Performed most steps in the comprehensive windows optimization video and gained some worthwhile performance.

Side note, Supersampling is very strenuous on the system, more so than even using a 4k screen and is therefore not recommended. Losing distance and scene complexity, just to see how telephone wires dangle 200 meters away is not worth it. Turning off illusory, information robbing depth of field and motion blur type settings is more demanding but worthwhile.

Arma 3 behaves well even at max settings, including all distances, but targets at over 650 meters are not processed/shown on the screen even though they should be larger than/equal to one pixel, and while supersampling fixes that, it does not do so as efficiently as would be desired. City Skylines (With Real Citizens/Time Mods) is actually playable. Space Engine, is beautiful but not too optimized to take full advantage of the processing power available. While these don't have official benchmarks, these analyses still offer some insight into this system's functionality.

Check out other builds with people that utilized a similar methodology in the endeavor towards computationally driven immersive entertainment and productivity.,1203&g=424&h=209

Star Citizen is not the only thing this will be used for. This was an investment. AI modeling, Machine learning as well as algorithm development will definitely be utilized to the maximum degree, figuratively and literally.

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  • 9 months ago
  • 1 point

I think your CPU will struggle, you will need to learn Nvidia CUDA thing to use your GPU power for all your calculation.

  • 9 months ago
  • 2 points

Thanks, I will definitely need to learn the Nvidia CUDA thing.

However, let me offer you this analogy which helps express my perspective. If you are running through a forest trying to find some mythical flower, you will be forced to make better choices/(models) If you are walking through a forest, and you have 5 other friends, you will all take different routes, but even if you find the best route it will take you longer than running as everyone is walking.

The answers that matter in many situations depend on information that can be gained only after knowing information that precedes it. Single Core operations are very valuable, and the most valuable, in simulations. Multiple cores are only necessary if you are saving time or not focusing on the quality of the route taken to a specific result but on the quantity hoping to find the answer.

Also, the box the cpu comes in is cute.

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

your 9900k with the 2080 Ti never above 60 celsius? and here i am worrying about pairing the D15 with the 3700x and 5700XT.

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

For most tasks, currently, at 4.8 gigahertz the CPU does not touch 60C except for less than half a second. At 5.0 gigahertz, I'm sure it will reach easily go past that, so I haven't really kept it at 5. Maybe when I'm ready to buy a new cpu, I'll overclock this one. Intel might (hopefully) release a 5.0 gigahertz 10 core that runs maybe even 20 degrees* colder sometime , maybe even on their next release.

The D15 is nice. The most intensive part was the application of the liquid metal. That thing slides of tissues quickly. It works well enough and I haven't seen anything better on the market with the same price&maintenance to performance ratio.