Cable management could be better, but I'll work on it later.

My first build wasn't terribly slow, but it was definitely not the fastest. I wanted to upgrade to something that would play anything at 1080p60 for a good long while. The case, SSD, and power supply were from the original build- I have since replaced everything but the SSD.

Part Reviews


Solid CPU for the price (I paid $150). Included cooler has no problems keeping this thing cool, even when bumped up to 3.7 while running Prime95. This thing has no problems running any games I play.


Basic motherboard. Seems to work just fine. Got it for the price, B350, and the 4 RAM slots.


Solid kit of RAM from a reputable manufacturer.

Video Card

Bought used off of eBay for $250. You're not going to have it running as cool as an open-air card, but with a slightly aggressive fan curve set, I haven't had it go much beyond 75 C. And of course, it looks really nice as well.


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ah yes you're welcome my dude

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Congrats on the fantastic 1070 deal!

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Question: Is it just me, or is the motherboard brown?

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The motherboard is black, it's probably my phone.

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why is the motherboard have b350 in the name but it say x370 in the right corner lmao.

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Yeah, I noticed that too. It's definitely a B350 board, no idea why that's there.