This was theoretically so I could be doing 3D Modelling/Sculpting without any issues, but it turned into a machine that could do that and also game at ultra at 1080p with 60fps.


Part Reviews


CPU is a beast, have encountered no lag with it at all, and it's rarely gone about 60% use.


Solid Motherboard. Wish there was a little more red vs the black, but that's nothing I couldn't tell you from the pictures. Everything is working well.

It slightly concerned me that the Define R4 had "A" (for ATX) next to some Motherboard standoffs beside where this Motherboard sat, but that's... not really any kind of an issue.

There's a little red lighting strip near the I/O which is a nice confirmation that it's running.


RAM's really nice, clean looking. I'll likely get another set in red.


Jesus Christ I love SSDs. I'm using this as a boot and program storage drive. My computer boots in about 15 seconds every time. It's amazing.

This was my first SSD so I can't really claim that this particular model was extremely fast or extremely slow for an SSD, but the price was right and it performs extremely well to me.


HDD is really solid, can't hear it in the Define R4 and it runs perfectly.

Video Card

This GPU is wonderful. I couldn't afford a 980, and this was the perfect slight step down as it's quite a bit cheaper, but runs every game I've thrown at it at maxed settings in 1080p at 60+fps.

It does get kind of loud and kind of hot when the fans are going and you've been playing for a while, but if you're playing a game you're having audio output, which means you're very unlikely to hear anything.


Lovely looking case, great internals.

One issue I ran into however was that I didn't want to tighten the Standoffs too tight, which resulted in my Motherboard being too far off. I didn't feel comfortable doing it, but tightening them further made everything fit perfectly.

Included case fans are remarkably quiet. You can barely hear them on the middle fan setting, and you can't on the lowest. I actually moved the front fan up to the higher slot, and removed the upper HDD tray so that I'd have more direct airflow.

Power Supply

Really solid PSU.

Only issue I've had with it is that the 8pin Motherboard cord was kind of short, but it reached.

The included plugs were wonderful and fit everything I needed.


I like this monitor a lot. I wouldn't get it if I was really shopping for a "bezelless display" which is what it's advertised as, but it's a solid monitor nonetheless.

Built in speakers were a dealbreaker. They're not very good, but they work, which is all I needed.

The I/O on this is really quite nice, enough of everything and a nice audio in and out if you need it.


I've had this for a while, as it wasn't new with this build, but it's okay in that it works.

I have a bit of an issue with the IO, but that's something I should've researched. It only has VGA and DVI-D in, along with power. That's fine but I wish there were more.

Actually, it makes kind of a weird whining sound when it's plugged in but turned off. Fixable by unplugging the power from the back, but it's really weird.


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I recommend you get an after market cooler and do some Overclocking.

  • 55 months ago
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Oooh, will do. I was thinking the Noctua NH-14S.

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Not bad. Nexus are ideal for your pc as it will ensure silent performance.

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I'm wondering how's the machine holding on? Nice part choices! I assume you've put in a CPU cooler since your last post?

  • 35 months ago
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I absolutely did, and made a couple of small changes too, that build is here

It's holding up really really well actually. The R4 is a stupidly nice case. This year I got a little distracted and forgot to clean it for a few months (too many, like 9), at which point I remembered and opened her up. There was a little dust on flat surfaces like the top of the PSU, but an incredibly small amount on the fans and whatnot.

Everything else is in pretty much in the same as new condition, nothing has disappointed me or fallen to pieces. I'm going to need to re-do my storage though, with the amount of SSD space I've got being a bit of a problem because of the Scratch Disk needs of Adobe suite.

Would highly recommend any of my parts!

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that fan, ouch

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