"The Snail?!" Yes. It was a long, slow process to get where it is today. This journey began approximately 2 years ago with an x4 950 (overclocked to... 4.1? I think?), a used gtx 960 4gb and a single stick of 8gb 2400 ddr4 into an old case from the first computer I bought for myself in around 2007 (phenom x4 9550 with an upgrade to an 8800gt!). The hdd, psu, monitor, peripherals were used to round out that build. I was able to game ok on that rig. 55-65 fps on very low in PUBG.

Realizing that the CPU was bottle necking the GPU, and getting more into PC gaming than I had in a long time, I decided to upgrade to the ryzen 5 1600 (it was on sale at the time) and saw a good boost in performance. Now I could achieve those same fps on all high settings!

At this point I was fairly pleased. Bought a 60 GB silicon power ssd for a boot drive, then ran out of space on the old 500 GB hdd (thanks Steam and Humble Bundle) and replaced that with the 3tb barracuda. After several more months, and realizing my CPU and GPU were running at the high end of acceptable temps after long hours of gaming, I had determined my case wasn't breathing well. I purchased the q300 because I liked the aesthetics, it appeared to have plenty of air flow, and it was much smaller than my old, bland case... Plus, it was on sale.

Aside from the case, I had purchased some led fans to assist in the cooling category and the gammaxx 400 because it had blue LEDs, like the case fans, plus... it was on sale!

The temps were good to great, and everything was working well! Except for my ugly psu with its brightly colored cables and red lettering on the side (I had bought a tr2 at some point), and I wanted to go modular. I saw the seasonic had a rebate, it appeared to have good reviews, AND it was on sale! So I bought it. The psu itself was much larger than the tr2, but it was still a much better looking unit and the cables were easier to work with... even though I had to use more of them than I had originally anticipated.

It was around this same time that I realized I was accumulating enough parts for a second build from everything I was replacing. The only thing really missing was ram and a GPU. Once again, I saw there was a rebate for the MSI rx 580 v1 (8gb), and it checked all the boxes! Oh, did I mention it was on sale? I also purchased the 16gb kit of ballistix 3000 because I recalled reading that ryzen likes higher frequency memory. Not sure if that applies to the first generation or the second with the apu. Either way, it was on sale for less than what I had paid for the single stick of 8gb!

At that point I had considered my PC complete, more or less, as it performed how I wanted and would last a few more years before I had to go and upgrade again! Oh wait... what's this? Thermal throttling on my gpu?! That can't be right. Let's crank that fan up.... Well, now that I had a jet engine in the man cave, at least I got the temps down to the high 80's (!). Then I noticed that arctic made GPU coolers. The twin turbo iii had a back plate, and fit my card.

Unfortunately, it was not on sale... but I bought it anyway, got it installed, and it is MASSIVE (by comparison to reference cooler and the fact it's in a small case). Luckily, with all that size, it also cooled significantly better. I could achieve even lower temps if I adjusted the fan speed, but I'm perfectly happy with the lack of fan noise vs current temps. Ambient temps are somewhat high in the man cave, FWIW.

I now rebuilt my original "new" PC in the old case and gave it to my brother in an attempt to get him into PC gaming. He immediately bought a 144 hz monitor, then hooked it up to his xbox. Maybe one day I'll convince him... Oh, I had also upgraded mine to the 120 GB ssd for no other reason than it was free, as the silicon power ssd still worked just fine. I had also just bought the sceptre on prime day (On Sale! Also, no dead pixels that I can see yet) and 144 hz is no joke. So much smoother. I'm a little upset I didn't purchase one sooner!

That brings us to today. A few rounds (PUBG) in, and I can say that this build is finally finished, except for a bit better cable management. Gameplay is smooth and I couldn't be happier! Then again, the newest generation ryzen processors are looking mighty tasty....

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  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

I like the story. It needs more pics

  • 10 months ago
  • 2 points

Thank you! I will upload more tonight when I get the space cleared a bit. :-)

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

How do you overclock? I have the same CPU and looking to overclock for the first time on a first build.

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

The settings in your BIOS. Motherboards often have different interfaces so I wouldn't be able to give specific directions, but I would suggest searching Google for your motherboard, and read a few "how to" articles as well. For me, most didn't specifically apply to my motherboard and CPU, but the basics are the same. Also, YouTube. You'll likely find a good visual how to there, and if you're really lucky you can find one that uses the same brand motherboard that will have the same interface. Hope this helps!