Finally finished my dream build. This is my first PC build ever and I was gaming on a laptop for 5-6 years before this. Hence "dream" as even my second laptop, which was a "gaming" laptop could barely run the latest titles I tried to play. PUBG at 720p (only lowered it to this from my normal 1080p because it was so hard to run) would only get 40-60 frames on the lowest settings. The jump in gaming quality is astonishing. Everything together with sales and rebates cost $1472. Not bad considering the parts list. Need to fix up the cable management and buy a case fan or two. Other than that, not too shabby for my first build. EDIT: Was able to easily OC to 5.0 GHz @ 1.35 volts. Decided it was a bit overkill and lowered to 4.8 GHz @ 1.27 volts. Temps get a bit toasty under load, but I expected that from a 7700k. Thermals for the 1080 Ti are great. Benchmarking for an hour straight it never goes past 65 C and fans aren't even set to go at 100% until 70, so noise level is decent. Open to improvement suggestions.

Part Reviews


Was able to easily OC to 5.0 GHz @ 1.35 volts. Decided it was a bit overkill for the games that I play and lowered it to 4.8 GHz @ 1.27 volts. No stability issues at all. This CPU is a beast. Be warned though, it runs hot. 5.0 GHz would go over 90 degrees C under load. 4.8 goes to about mid 80s. Idle temps sit around 38 degrees C. Definitely invest in a high quality after-market cooler if you plan on buying this.

CPU Cooler

Keeps my 4.8 GHz i7-7700K at reasonable temperatures. Not much else to add. Be warned: this cooler is massive. Make sure your case has 160mm of clearance. It will probably block your first RAM slot if you don't have low profile RAM.


For the price, this motherboard is great. Overclocking functionality in the BIOS is very easy to use. Adjusting RAM speed and fan speed are fairly simple as well. Definitely consider buying if you do not need any of the features of higher-end boards.


Easy to install. Was able to get it running to its advertised 3200 MHz pretty easily. Runs flawlessly.


Installation was easy. Windows boots within seconds. Got the 250 GB for $90 at Microcenter. Good buy.


No problems so far. Simply using this as extra storage for games. For the price, it is definitely a great storage drive to buy for your build.

Video Card

This thing can handle anything you throw at it. Running at 1987 MHz without editing any settings. NEVER exceeds 65 degrees C under load, even after hours. Idle temps are around 35 degrees C. Will probably overclock it in the future, but for now it can run anything I throw at it in base, so there's no need. Note that the fans are LOUD at 100% speed, however you will NEVER need to use that speed unless you overclock. The lower speeds are pretty average noise level. The LEDs are a nice touch. 10/10.


For $70 this case is a steal. Super clean looking. Tempered glass. Plenty of extra screws in case you lose some. Motherboard standoffs are pre-installed. 2 SSD mounting brackets and 2 HDD mounting brackets. And PLENTY of room if you have a large CPU cooler or GPU. It has 160 mm of clearance for a cpu cooler, exactly as much as I needed for my H5 ultimate. My 1080 Ti fits easily too, with plenty of room to spare. The straps on the backside for cable management were really useful. 10/10 case.

Power Supply

Was able to get this PSU when it was on sale for $50. Great buy. 650 W and Gold Certified. Provides all the power I could ever need even when overclocking.

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  • 26 months ago
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Yeah dude, that looks great! I like the black and white theme!

  • 26 months ago
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Thank you!

  • 24 months ago
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How is that 1080 ti running? I am nervous about getting another EVGA card after my last one fried on me shortly after I bought it. Does this one have any heating issues? My old one's fans wouldn't spin up past 50% even when at almost 90 degrees. It also would get massive frame drops even when on lowest settings on just about any game made after 2015.

  • 19 months ago
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Sorry for the late reply. I have not checked this site in a while. The card runs flawlessly. Even under 100% load (and this will cause the turbo boost to go on usually, which means slightly over 100%) the card will not go over 65-70 degrees Celsius. Not sure if your card was defective or if the default fan curve was just bad. You can customize it using EVGA Precision XOC. I set it to only go 100% at 75 C. The default was something ridiculous like 85.

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  • 19 months ago
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Thank you :D

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