So this is my new completed PC Build. I've upgraded alot of parts and now its complete :)

Part Reviews


Best cpu for the money. I dont think ill be needing to upgrade this anytime soon. Im a streamer and light video editor so getting this with the assurance that ill never have any gaming issues is worth it.

CPU Cooler

Got it for a cheap price on amazon and it lets me overclock my 6600k to 4.5ghz with no issues.


I wanted to take the cheaper gigabyte matx board but since i saved an extra 100$ i took this board cause of its good reviews on newegg.


Got it for a discount on Newegg. Its a ram so nothing much to review here. Gets the job done.


The cheapest ssd i could find. The boot times are fast and programs are extremely fast. A HUGE upgrade from my old 500gb hdd.

Video Card

Upgrading from a 1070. The reason is i want to get that competitive 144fps on 1080p. I play games like PUBG,Cod WW2 and Overwatch.

I hardly manage 144fps on my 1070. Lets hope the 1080 is strong enough.


Sexiest case ever. Installing was a breeze and cable management is top notch.

Power Supply

Thanks to newegg for providing me this PSU for such a low price. 650w, 80+ Gold and Semi-Modular, all for only 65$?? Why not :D


Got it for $170 from best buy black friday deal. Just your average 144hz 1080p monitor.


Heard lots of good reviews about it. Has 144hz which i need for games like overwatch or cs:go and has a good display. 1 less star cause of no Display Port addition and no HDMI cable included.


Best mechanical keyboard purchase ever. After having a tererible COrsair strafe keyboard experience i can say Logitech does not disappoint.


Best mouse i have ever used. Improved my fps gaming alot. I can aim way better than those plebs :D


Best music and gaming headphone i have used. Im tired of getting gaming headsets. These mid range studio headphones are way better.


Best mic ive used for ingame chat. My voice is crisp and clear.

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  • 27 months ago
  • 2 points

I find it interesting, you bought the keyboard knowing it was not backlit but took a star off because the letters are hard to see?

  • 26 months ago
  • 0 points

Yeah. It was a mistake to buy that keyboard. Now im a using a G810.