Pics and desc. coming whenever I'm not half asleep. Benchmarks:

Sleeping Dogs:


BF4 Seige of Shanghai 64 player( Shadows:medium, PP: medium, SSAO, Terrain Decoration: low, Motion Blur: Off, MSAA: off) Min:47 Max: 132 Avg:98 all other maps give constant 70-130fps.

Crysis 3 opening level(maxed out no blur): basically 37fps with OC/everywhere else is pretty much between 40-70

More Desc. soon, eventually, maybe never, ._. Also sorry about potato pics.

Part Reviews


Perfect for $110. Great for streaming, stays decently cool, and plays games flawlessly in unison with my R9 380 4GB.


Software is meh, fan control is just downright WTF, and the X boost BSODs my computer. It's fine overall and has a Realtek 150meg nic integrated so that's nice. For $50 look no further if you want a decent OC and pretty good looks. I was kinda hard on it because I came from an MSI board with OC Genie, command center, and a killer nic and this board, software wise, is a step down.


Fast, reliable, stays cool, and makes windows extremely snappy.

Video Card

For 1080p, you need a 1080p card that can play 1440p as well. Overclocking this thing was amazing and I was able to achieve 1170 but 1159 is the best with 75mv. This at stock vs. the r9 380x is almost negligible(too bad so sad for the people hoping for something to come close to the 970). Maxes every game out within reason and stays quiet(except for the time I ran Metro LL benchmark for 3 hours accidentally).


THIS CASE IS THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN EVARRRR. Amazing water cooling support, amazing airflow, the price is insane, and the build quality is solid. (sadly my case was dented in shipping but nothing that a C-clamp couldn't fix).

Power Supply

Good clean power for whatever you throw at it. If I ever get a 4k monitor and a fury(which is very unlikely nor do I have some kind of urge to get such things) this could handle it.

Case Fan

Came stock with my Node 804 and move a surprising amount of air with relative silence even with the aggressive fan curve.

Case Fan

High static pressure and quiet at 1500 rpm make these the perfect radiator fans.


The best claw grip mouse on the planet and a worthy upgrade to my cm Storm Spawn. The software is still bad but buy this mouse for the grip and price.


I'm trying to justify buying a new pair of audiophile headphones and a standalone mic over keeping these but that's impossible. These sound too good for the price and the microphone quality shouldn't be this good for under $100. Buy these if you NEED a headset and don't have much to spend on anything else.


Great speaker system for the price. You can get better for the same money, but these are small, fairly cheap, and have good sound quality with a surprisingly controlled low end.

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5 months in with a 4.4ghz OC and still stable. The only downside is the software which is a letdown. Outside of that, it has good 8+2 power and amazing stability up to 4.8ghz 1.4625v. VRMs get a bit toasty but only under artificial stress. The mouse is tiny and fat but perfect for claw grip.