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A new PC for my grandmother

by TheOneCode



Date Published

Nov. 1, 2018

Date Built

Oct. 25, 2018

CPU Clock Rate

3.2 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

30.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

37.0° C


This computer was built for my grandmother. It is a little overkill, but is also quite cheap.

Part Reviews


Surprising performance with a surprising cost! With the stock cooler AND stock thermal paste this little APU that can runs around 37°c at full load. The CPU is perfect for gaming on the cheap and the GPU is more than enough for a budget internet browsing/ office PC. I was surprised to find it running CS:GO at around and over 60fps at 720p, with 0 screen tearing. Overall, I would recommend this CPU for anyone who wants a PC for school/ office work, simple to medium workload tasks, and a mid-spec gaming PC. Overall 10/10, would recommend 100%.


A pretty good motherboard, especially if you get it as cheap as I did. This motherboard surprised me with a standard PCI slot (in 2018), so if backwards (way backwards) compatibility is what your going for, this is for you. The UEFI was okay, but there is quite a bit of room for improvement. 4 DIMM slots is great and the RAM overclocking was good too, except for the fact that if you reset using the button too much, it resets to default values. Works great with the athlon 200ge, but personally I do think it is quite overkill. Pretty great, especially for $69 CAD.


Very capable RAM. I don't have much to say except that I was able to hit my motherboard's max of 2666mHz at stock latency. Very good stick. 10/10 would, recommend.


A very tight build. This case does not have any USB 3 ports whatsoever so if that's what your going for, don't. I can see how the little fan would be too small for some builds but paired with the athlon 200ge it does quite well while remaining quite quiet (<38°c). I has a room for a DVD drive, witch is cool, but no 2.5" hard drive room. There's room for a floppy drive, where one can be placed tough so there's that. The PSU has only 2 SATA ports and 2 molex however there is no PCI/ PCIe power connector. Overall, 6/10. Unless if you are trying to transplant an older PC, it's not too good.

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banaynayy 1 Build 6 points 4 months ago

congrats, you are first one to post this cpu!

Aidenosoarus 2 points 4 months ago

Nice build man, that CPU is awesome for the money

anonymousdingo2320 2 points 4 months ago

I've seen the cpu and thought, "Has anyone ever used this?" But you have, and you used it well, for a good budget build. Nice job!

FadedCrown 2 points 4 months ago

Now while I appreciate you building this system and showing it to us, just wanted to let you know that prebuilt refurbished systems (Optiplex) are better performance for the same price. I understand wanting to build a new one, but just saying.

TheOneCode submitter 1 Build 2 points 4 months ago

Hello, a link to these fabled systems would be appreciated. (No actually, I am interested in seeing the listing/ any link) Thanks!

MaxC2018 1 point 4 months ago

You can go to sites like eBay or your local computer repair shop to see if you can find any. For eBay, just search "Optiplex" and you can find 3rd gen i7 prebuilt Dell Optiplex systems for around $150-$200, maybe $120 if you're lucky. There's a wide variety of options, from 1st gen i3's to 8th gen i7's, but obviously the better the system, the more expensive it'll be.

Sacrite 2 points 4 months ago

Why didn’t you give her a 2080ti bro??


TheOneCode submitter 1 Build 4 points 4 months ago

Because the 2080ti's RGB is disabled and locked to green.

Sacrite 3 points 4 months ago
TheOneCode submitter 1 Build 2 points 4 months ago

And so many are failing now, probably hold off till the prices drop so she can experience all that the PC master race can offer!

Sacrite 2 points 4 months ago

Sooo truuu

Nintendo_Maniac_64 1 point 3 months ago

Well once grandma is ready to get her game on, make sure to update the motherboard BIOS so she can overclock her shiny new Athlon to 3.8+GHz as well! (Gigabyte very recently implemented support for this)

TheOneCode submitter 1 Build 1 point 3 months ago

I thought that was only MSI?

thedudeonkent 2 points 3 months ago

How is that overkill? To be honest I think it’s underkill. (I would put 8 gigs of ram and a $20 USD 120 gig sata ssd as a boot drive) cause you probably know with many elderly people, including my grandpa, when a program doesn’t load instantly, from my experience the click on it multiple times and make it worse by opening it several times. Otherwise nice part selection, and congrats on being the first with the new athlon!!!

TheOneCode submitter 1 Build 1 point 3 months ago

I am actually waiting on a 128gb NVMe right now, it should make a big difference in responsiveness. The ram should be fine, testing all of the apps open at once (witch all of the old people I know are scared to do for some reason) the ram usage did not excede 4GB and there was a minimal amount of caching. The actuall processor and RAM where the overkill parts as it will not excede 75% CPU usage and it's a b350 motherboard.

elvarg9685 4 Builds 1 point 4 months ago

I haven't heard of this processor before. seems to be a jab at the Pentium 4560

HamFather 5 Builds 2 points 4 months ago

It is, AMD claims to match it in CPU intensive tasks but at 3 times the graphical power with Vega 3 graphics. People were concerned that AMD compared it to the 4560 and not the 5400 but at least AMD didn't try to feed us BS claiming it was on par with Intel's latest budget Pentium. AMD also claims to be releasing two others, the 220GE and 240GE later this year but no information about the chips have been released yet. either way like the 4560 it's a great budget option and can even play some lite e-sports titles like League of Legends or Rocket League, albeit at reduced settings.

Chikunman 3 Builds 1 point 4 months ago

It can play almost any game at reduced settings, it's actually impressive

TheOneCode submitter 1 Build 1 point 4 months ago

Just make sure, if you want to game, you have at least 8gb of RAM. I tried fortnite with 4gb and the drops were atrocious.

TheOneCode submitter 1 Build 1 point 4 months ago

Looking at benchmarks, it looks as though it's closest to the Intel Pentium Gold g5500 in multithreaded preformance

legomaster 7 Builds 1 point 4 months ago

Might suggest replacing the molex to sata adapter with a more higher quality one

TheOneCode submitter 1 Build 1 point 4 months ago

I've considered this however, the molex to Sara was used from her older PC (compac from 2007), only powers the DVD drive, and it has lasted over 10 years without melting or otherwise defect. I too do not suggest the $125 ones from China as I have heard they have a tendency to melt within the first few months.

Nintendo_Maniac_64 1 point 3 months ago

It is worth nothing that the crimped type of molex-sata adapters seem to be perfectly safe...though the adapter in question clearly is of the molded type which matches the kind that can in fact catch fire due to shorting out.

(also for reference, the few images floating around the internet depicting burnt crimped sata connectors are actually connectors from power supplies themselves - the key identifier is the orange 3.3v wire which is present on PSUs but not on molex-sata adapters)

simohuns 5 Builds 1 point 4 months ago

How is the CPU? Saw AMD came out with it a few month ago and was really intrigued by the price.

TheOneCode submitter 1 Build 1 point 4 months ago

It is quite good, it way outproeformed my expectations. The graphics preformance is better than the UHD 630 integrated gpus in Intel's offerings but worse than the gt 1030. Overall, I'd compare it to an Intel Pentium Gold G5500 as multicore preformance is almost identical.

Sensible_Systems 55 Builds 1 point 4 months ago

Ha, excellent! I'm also going to use this CPU for a grandma build, and now I feel validated in my choice :-)

TheOneCode submitter 1 Build 1 point 4 months ago

Good luck! Hopefully you wont have to wait 3 weeks on backorder like I did.

Tigru 1 point 4 months ago

Yeah what are the benchmarks of the cpu im looking into getting one

Issacsweg 1 point 3 months ago

would it be a good idea to pair this cpu with a gt 1030 down the line

Nintendo_Maniac_64 1 point 3 months ago

For a similar if not cheaper price for way better CPU performance, you'd be better off going with a Ryzen 2200G or Ryzen 2400G and just using the integrated graphics by itself instead (which performs similarly to the GT 1030 GDDR5 and absolutely obliterates the GT 1030 DDR4).

thedudeonkent 1 point 3 months ago

Lol, the 1030 ddr4 is among the worst BS of all time in my opinion.

lordbrowley 1 point 1 month ago

how is the case? planning pretty much the exact same build for later this month. is the case portable at all?

TheOneCode submitter 1 Build 1 point 12 days ago

Its pretty nice as something that doesn't leave the desk. It does not have a handle and is a little on the heavy side. There is also no USB 3.0. I personally wouldn't use it for a portable build.