I didn't even think of building a PC recently until I got a GTX1080. I still used my 5 year old GTX550Ti+classic 2500K, these would play the game that I usually play dota 2, hearthstone just fine, but it will not run Civil 5 or 6 properly. So I though hey, why not build a new PC so that I can play more recent games and I can stream in the same time, you know what, I see a lot of streamers on Twitch, XXTV etc, they have really a lot of fun! It doesn't really matter how many audience I have, it matters that I can share my game with others.

Plus I sometimes do some video rendering. Of course youtube video viewing, web browsing, some baisc stuff, should this machine be done with no problem.

Here is my build video:

Part Reviews


Best of the best consumer level CPU, 6 core 12 thread can easily overclock to 5Ghz with proper cooling solution.

CPU Cooler

Beautiful, and it does the job. But it is a little costly.


Does the job, I have no complain. Actually I never disappointed with Asus MOBO. RGB light, 7 PCI-e plus 2 M.2 slot, that all you need for the next 5 years. Solid quality, and can overclock my 8700k to 5GHz


Still expensive as of 2018 March! You can even buy a computer for the price of 32Gig ram. But there's nothing wrong with the product, does the job.


I don't feel really difference between regular ssd, however it's 20-30% more expensive than SATA ssd.


Been using this for 5 years, never encounter a single problem.

Video Card

Pricey, but its beautiful, and can run every game i play at 120FPS with my 2k 144Hz G-Sync monitor


Very good looking case. Nothing is perfect, though. Everything is perfect, nice cable management, nice glass side panel, plus 4 front USB port (2XUSB 2.0 + 2XUSB3.0)that I was specifically looking for, Just a little bit small, and airflow is a little bit confusing.

Power Supply

Corsair makes the best PSU, period. Good PSU with white color and more importantly the cables are white too. I know you can buy customized cables, but what you gonna do with the original ones?


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Beautiful! Doing a very similar build to this rn, check out my parts list and tell me what you think!

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go for nvme m.2 ssd for this. (960evo or 970evo)

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Did you go with the Samsung 850 and not really like it?

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How much did you end paying exactly for the ram?