I use this for mostly gaming, I started out the build by opting for WQHD and 144hz with 1ms response time. That left me with about 1 choice for a monitor and I went from there.

I'll add more pictures and info later. Just created this completed build so I can write reviews.

Part Reviews


Performs fantastically for everything, I can't wait to OC it and really see what it can do.

CPU Cooler

I absolutely love this thing, it is gorgeous and runs very smoothly and quietly. The only reason I have to knock off a star is that the LED ring is not really evenly lit and when using a color-cycling mode in the CAM software, it looks very choppy.

I cannot vouch for the actual performance yet as I have not really tried to push my CPU, but it does its job well enough for normal use and is an absolute breeze to install, love not having to worry about thermal paste.


This mobo has loads and loads of features making OC'ing and customization very easy and I have yet to discover them all. If you're looking for LED's, ASUS has better boards for that (now with RGB as well).

I have to take off a star (was debating taking off two) because one or two of the rear USB ports will randomly decide to not work on bootup, so I'll find that my mouse or keyboard doesn't turn on. Funny thing is, it's never the same port and it seems very intermittent. I just have to keep rebooting until everything works. Normally I would just RMA but since it's a mobo, that is way more hassle than it's worth


Good, reliable, and I got them for $230 off of Newegg. Kinda wish I had waited a bit longer to buy because the TridentZ RGB came out not too long after.

Functional, but not very fun to look at :(


Got this on discount a few years ago for $150 back when they were going for $250. Have my OS and most frequently played games on this drive. Not the fastest as far as SSDs go, but it gets the job done well enough until I decide to buy an M.2

Video Card

The GTX 1080 is pretty monstrous and knocks out most games at maximum settings with absolute ease. However, as I found out (due to my own lack of research), it takes a bit more than a single 1080 to max out Overwatch and other graphically intensive games at 2k resolution and still get 144 fps.

Lighting wise, EVGA could step it up. No lights on the backplate at all, so really all you can see looking into the case is the small text on the side of the card.


11/10 Great case. Love the full window with the option to hide the basement and all my ugly cables. Also, I'm a big fan of the 45 degree tilt front I/O panel. Design is subtle and doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME I'M A FANCY, EXPENSIVE COMPUTER." Unless of course you're looking through the window while it's powered on (which is the intent)

Installation and customization is very nice and easy, I really like the idea of modular cases. If only the market had more modular parts to add.

Case Fan

Unlike the Kraken AIO cooler, these fans (120 and 140mm) are very evenly lit and the color cycling is smooth.

Installation with the NZXT Hue+ can be a bit of a bother if you try to rush through. Just take your time and pay attention to which wire goes where so you get it right the first time.

That being said, you probably won't know if you installed everything correctly because the CAM software is a pain in the *** to get working. I already had the CAM software for my Kraken but I bought these fans about 6 months later and getting the software to recognize the Hue+ and fans took several restarts and a fresh install of CAM.

The fans themselves though are great once working properly. Very vibrant and quiet. 10/10

Case Fan

See 120mm review


Replaced by the PG278QR, this was the first true 144Hz 1440p (2k) monitor. I basically built my entire rig around trying to maximize this jumbo 27" display and I do not regret it one bit.

Had to RMA one time due to dead (and I really mean DEAD) pixel right in the dead center of the screen. Sorry, but I'm not paying $700 for anything with a dead pixel.

The new one I received is flawless and I could not love it more, everything just looks so good on it (provided you are viewing it straight on since it is a 27" TN panel). Has a bunch of extra features like crosshair overlay (read as "cheating" in certain games) and I think can even be OC'ed to 165 Hz.

Has 2 USB 3.0 passthroughs that are very nice to have if you're that kind of user.


Probably the best membrane gaming keyboard available. Shame they are nearly impossible to find nowadays with mechanical dominating the market for gaming. Love the low profile keys.

6 programmables keys, macro recording, dedicated media keys and even a calculator button. I've been using this guy for over 6 years and can't bring myself to replace it. I would give it 6 stars if I could, considering how well it has served me over the years.


10/10 mouse. Feels great, nice weight (and you can change amount and distribution if you like), good lighting effects.

What really sold me on this mouse was the quantity and placement of extra buttons. I really like having the 2 forward and back buttons as most mice do but this mouse also provides 2 profile change buttons and a press/hold DPI button.

I don't use any of the buttons for their original intended purpose but having them all there gives me so many options in game without having the typical MMO number pad buttons, which I am not fond of. Also, with the logitech software, you can make those buttons program specific, meaning I can assign them to a certain hotkey in a game or a macro/shortcut in Photoshop without having to switch profiles to do so.


Sound quality is excellent, perfect for gaming and listening to music. The closed design keeps sound in very well once the pads are cupped around your ears.

I use these for hours at a time and my only complaint here is that my ears get very warm after these long sessions so I have to let headphones rest on my neck for a while and let my head cool off.

Has a coiled cord so if that's not your thing, steer clear or learn how to rewire your own.

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  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey i have the same motherboard with corsair vengence ddr4 4x8 3200mhz and my motherboard defaults the settings to 2133 mhz. When i go in to change it manually it doesnt post. Did you get your ram to run at 3200mhz because i was thinking about buying 2x16 but the manual doesnt show that configuration in its list and i dont want to run into the same problem.

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

Got mine to 3200 by enabling XMP without a problem