I built my first pc about 3 years ago... though to myself that I needed an upgrade! lot of the pricing are from when i bought it (so you may notice lot of old peripherals are more expensive than they are now)

I wanted this build to be future proof and last me for awhile on top of gaming/streaming competitively. All the parts are pretty straight forward... As for the GPU, I was in a dilemma between the 2080Ti or the 2080 Super. Couldn't decide so I flipped a coin at the register in microcenter and I left with the Ti :)

I picked up the Alienware monitor along with the build (because 240hz) and just got the beyerdynamic dt 990 due to the mixamp for my a40 being glitchy/broken.

I will update with photos in a bit!

Part Reviews


Working as expected [have not got the chance to stream with it]

CPU Cooler

Extremely easy to install and it's quiet


Love the cable management capabilities and space within it!


Such a beautiful monitor with such good quality legs. Love the thin frame.


4 stars because it is amazing however one day it just stopped working :/


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