All parts in the build are performing phenomenally and Will be using some of these again for future builds. I use this as my secondary streaming PC and it can do that plus what ever my wife needs to use it for at the same time.. I got the CPU to overclock to 4.0GHz and the ram to 3333Mhz. The GPU will run every that I've tried at 60fps (Mostly shooters) The case was very easy to build in and looks great. The fans with the controller look amazing and does the rest of the RGB. I ordered the acrylic for the custom back plate you see and I think it turned out great.

Part Reviews


Stable overclock at 4.0 GHz and does all my encoding needs for streaming

CPU Cooler

Its great for looks and has a nice low profile but the temps get a little high for max load.


Easy board to build with and easy to use BIOS


Was able to overclock speed to 3333Mhz and they look and perform amazing


Can not give this enough praise this is lighting fast and for the price you cant beat it


Great cheap storage no complaints

Video Card

Performs well but the looks of this thing is bad. I made a custom back plate and painted the pastic around the fans to help with that


Great looks & Easy to build in. Nuff said

Power Supply

Great PSU performs well not the best looking but its honest work


Feels very responsive and nice to type on


For the price you cant beat it. The bass it lacking as to be expected but other than that great speakers


THESE LOOK GREAT. For the price you cant beat and I added them to my non modular PSU to make my build look sweet


It looks okay but for gaming massive screen tears more suited for a office PC

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