Well, it took me a whole year because of budgeting and not having a job, but I finally have built my first PC. I feel I could have made it all look better, but IMO, it's good enough to impress my buddies and therefore I'm happy with its visuals. It boots very quickly because of my SSD, the GTX 770 works great for my purposes, and I was able to overclock my Ryzen 1400 to 3.8ghz @ 1.35v.

Part Reviews


Great Price to Performance, and honestly if you are ok with overclocking, you can make it just as good or better than a 1500x


Looks good, Overclocks well, (got my 1400 on stock cooler to 3.8ghz but I could have gone farther.)


This ram is great. It's fast, looks good, but is very expensive and never in stock. Honestly, you could do better for the price. I only have it because it was gifted to me. I would have chosen something different if it were my money.


Solid for an extra bit of storage. Although you could get a 1tb for a better price, so I wouldn't recommend. This was GIFTED to me so I didn't pay for it. If I were the one buying I would get a WD Blue 1tb.

Video Card

A pretty good card that is easy to find used for cheap. Slightly better than a 1050ti so works quite well for me.


Great case to work in, made my terrible cable management look half decent. Also great for first-time builders

Power Supply

Great PSU. I love how it hasn't blown up yet and that it has ALL BLACK cables.


Beautiful. This is my first ultra wide experience, and this monitor is definitely also why I will probably never go back to 16:9. The only issue is that it's very expensive. I got lucky and found it for 220 though!

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  • 30 months ago
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Excellent job on your first build. It's hard when your strapped for cash and welcome to the PC master race.

  • 30 months ago
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Great little budget build and still quite upgradeable in terms of CPU, SSD and memory card. Well done given your circumstances.

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  • 29 months ago
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The 770 is preform like a 1050ti

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