Created this build mainly for gaming, ocasionally some engineering simulations and CAD jobs. I was able to reach 5.0GHz stable with no effort but I decided to keep it on 4.9GHz due to the much lower vcore and temperatures needed.

Part Reviews


Great board for its price


Very easy to setup xmp and they look amazing even with the rgb off (those heatspreaders are amazing)


Very good for the price and also very good looking


Not much to say about this, it's basically your go-to storage drive for general purposes.

Video Card

Nice performance and good looks (very nice looking backplate), though I wish you could change the red LEDs color and not only the MSI Logo LED. It would also be nice to have aura synch compatibility but that's not likely to happen


Very easy to build on, looks amazing, the glass panel is as sexy as it gets. The VR support is nice, I use it to store my headphones.

Power Supply

Has been very good for me so far, it looks much better in person than it does on pictures but unfortunately it's hidden on my PSU cover

Case Fan

Very silent on low settings but they ramp up like a beast! On full speed it provides a crazy high airflow but it comes with quite a bit of noise. Definitely have them on the PWM Fan slot on the mb so you can control speeds


Had this for a long time now, very reliable and never had any problems with the sensor. I also love the size and extra buttons on it, the "sniper" button has a great position and I find myself switching it's function a lot depending on the game or software I'm using. The middle click is starting to show signs of use, I now have to put a little more force than I'd like.


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for the corsair ml140 fans, was it a twin pack or just a single pack??????

  • 32 months ago
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Twin pack!

  • 32 months ago
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  • 32 months ago
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Nice build! kinda like mine :D

  • 32 months ago
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what's the difference between the 2400hz and the 3000hz? if i edit videos from csgo overwatch and dota2 to upload on youtube which would you recommend buying?

  • 25 months ago
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Ik im not the one who uploaded the build but, just trying to help, so If your going with Ryzen it benefits from higher speed memory, ryzen is suppost to support 3200MHz but I think at the moment it only does 2133 or 2666

Im not much on an Intel person but I think Kaby Lake supports DDR4 2400 and Coffee Lake is DDR4 2666

  • 19 months ago
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Great Build! Just one question: I'm thinking about getting the S340 elite, but do you know if the 2.5 SSD mounts on the PSU shroud are removable? If so do they look good when removed (e.g. is it just a white finish below them or something different?) Thanks!