I use this PC mostly for Video Editing and Gaming both work pretty well with the setup.

I am currently using a TV as a monitor but planning to change it out for a normal monitor. This build is decent if you are on a budget but I would recommend going with 16GB of ram if you like playing Forza Horizon.

Stuff I am planning to replace:

GPU, RAM, Optical Drive(swap it out for a BD/DVD/CD Drive), Keyboard and add a NVMe so I can put the OS on it and use the HDD for Games, etc.

PS: The PC was cleaned after I took the Photos.

Part Reviews


Great Processor for Budget builds I would recommend this if you are into 3D and Video Editing also Decent for playing Games.


A great and cheap Motherboard with a Chipset that sadly isn't overclockable.


Cheap and decent RAM never had any issues with this ram.


I really recommend this HDD since it is cheap(got it for 60€ on Amazon) and it also is pretty quick.

Video Card

Decent GPU it can play most games(GTA V, etc) on mid-high settings on 60-100 FPS

Optical Drive

This Optical Drive does what it should and is also pretty quick at reading Discs only negative part is the loudness on active Reading and Writing.


Pretty good PSU even if this is meant for Office PCs.


The case is decent but the Screws for the Panels and the Included Case Fan are terrible.


Decent Keyboard comes without Drivers and everything is done internally on the Keyboard this does mean you are limited with the RGB settings being either Breathing or Solid. You can also dim the lights.

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