Winter is coming. And the wedding videos will overtake us if we do not have the cores to tackle premiere and all of the third party plug-ins we need to finish!

Seriously though, needed a strong build for editing wedding films. We use Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere, AE, Photoshop) and wanted great power and performance that gave us everything we needed. Decided not to go with an i9 or a threadripper because we don't do high volume exports or anything, we just wanted to have the capability of editing 4k Sony codecs with plugins and effects without having to go down to 1/2 or 1/4 res playback. I also do gaming as well, but I'm less picky about having the highest FPS and more just want the ability to play the games I want to play without having to turn all the settings down.

No problems with installation, case is fantastic, I never felt like I needed to jerry-rig anything to fit. Clean, beautiful, efficient, and at a great price. Not to mention it's very sturdy. Coming from the old style of case, I LOVE that you can mount the radiator fan for the cooling system to the front. NZXT recommends you do air intake through the liquid cooling radiator mounted to the front, with exhaust out the back, and so far temps stay around 36-42 C, so we'll see how that holds up as I push the limits. The only minor complaint I have about the case is the back panel for the rear case fan is a little flimsy, so if you are mounting or unmounting that back fan be very careful. Also,I had an issue with installing the mobo on first try where it got stuck in position and I had to pop out the I/O panel with it to get it out (very strange) but was able to put it back in no problem. I also kinda wish I had RGB led's instead of just red so I could take full advantage of the MSI RGB tool, but that's just because I was cheap and didn't pay the extra $40 for the RGB model.

Super fast bootup, breezy windows install. LOVE MSI's bios, very easy to use, and the interface is very pretty. It's also nice you can download a command center utility to get most of the functionality of hardware tuning, and even a nice temp check interface to see what parts are getting hot.

Initial usage on Premiere is SILKY smooth, even working on a project off an external. So far exceeding performance expectations. Going to test the 4k footage, but I don't see an issue. The value of this build is insane, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is doing video editing professionally on a consumer scale, or a streamer/youtuber looking for quality performance for their money. If you are doing heavy AE/3D work (Maya, C4D, ect.) or need to be pumping out high volume exports, you may need more cores and/or a titan/quadra card, but for what we do this is just amazing.

Side note, GF and I love GoT, so the name fit. We will be looking to put Jon Snow and Ghost in the machine to keep warm for the long nights of winter. :D

Part Reviews


Incredible chip, handling overclocking at 25% like a champ with my H60 cooler. Rendered out a 60 second video in premiere in 30 seconds which makes my life a whole lot easier. Definitely recommend for video professionals building a home workstation.

CPU Cooler

Keeping the 8700K very cool (35-45C) even with overclocking 25% and running Adobe Premiere, or games at highest settings. Extremely good value for the price, and the White light goes great with my white case.


Excellent BIOS, parts fit cleanly, and has plenty of ports for my usage. Wifi isn't too shaby either, even for gaming. Just a quick note, the full RGB varriant is an extra $60 and it's full ATX, so if you have the money, I'd say spring for it.


The ram works, with 0 issues, and it was cheaper than all the rest of the rams. What else can you say?


LOVE m.2 storage. Coming even from SATA SSD's it feels even faster on the boot up and launching programs.

Video Card

Great first impressions on this card, chewing through 1080p gaming like a fat kid on a birthday cake. Also playing out pre-rendered clips in premiere is just a breeze. Will be updating as soon as the 4k monitor comes in to see how it really handles.


Amazing case, especially for the money. Brilliant design, and simple form factor. Only complaint is the flimsey rear fan mount plate, but you just have to be careful when mounting the fan.

Power Supply

Very nice PSU, even comes in a cool little felt pouch to give it a high end feel. Being SUPER picky about it, I do wish the cables were a little less stiff to be able to bend them easier around the corners of my case. There were plenty of cables in the box and ports, more than enough for a standard build.

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  • 11 months ago
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I'm doing a similar build and I'm wondering what fan configuration you used. Also, would LOVE to see more photos.

  • 5 months ago
  • 2 points

oh ****! Never saw this lol. I do need to post more pics.

I'll post a couple pics with a closer look at the fan config, but basically intake in the back close to the CPU, and outake above the CPU. I put the AIO Water cooler fan out take by the front panel. The config has kept it really cool, even with overclocking and Adobe Premiere rendering, so I'm super happy with it.

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

Let me know what you think of mine? For some reason, the only ones able to see it are people who find my profile. lol

  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

Looks like a gaming monster lol. You should have no issues with video games

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