Hello again PCPP

Welcome to my new budget backup build that i'm pretty sure is gonna send me to Hell for tracing upside down crosses and devil symbols.
But anyway, this build serves a few purposes:
1. A steam box for playing some indie games that my 7yo son likes (and uh yeah I do too)
2. A file storage (NAS) for the ton of videos and pictures that I have (had to find a place for 5+ TB of iPhone videos, photos , etc)
3. A backup PC for when this guy is down (

This build is a culmination of "deals" and all sorts of cheap parts I gathered over the last 3 years or so for getting in on deals "too hard to pass up". So the pricing is accurate and most parts are refurbs / open box / aliexpress stuff or deeply discounted parts (like the 20 dollar case from NE or the 40 dollar refurb EVGA card from EVGA dot com).

The case is cool because it takes 3 mechanical drives (i know right lmao thats a rarity these days in a mid tower chasis)

The 960 makes a good pair with an i3.

Acrylic was used on top and psu cover. Rest is vinyl.

this build runs 24/7 on WOL mode just like a tv box

Let me know if questions.

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  • 8 months ago
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Glad I aint the only one who owns a 6100 in 2019 xD

  • 8 months ago
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makes it for an awesome cpu for a file server. I can stream plex stuff from it no prob.

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