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Bullpup Box - Ryzen 7 2700x / RTX 2070 - Mac Convert

by triptiks



I just finished my first ever PC build and I’m so stoked about it I wanted to make a build post. The background for this build is that I’m a creative, and I run a small freelance studio in the hours outside of my 9-5 day job as a designer. This year my freelance business started to gain a little steam so I had the opportunity to upgrade my computer before the end of the year for tax reasons. After looking around at Macs, and toying with the idea of trying to get better at Conema4D/Houdini this year, I despised to use my MacBook Pro budget on a desktop PC instead. Let’s get to the parts:

Case : I’m honestly conflicted on the case. The Thermaltake Core V21’s quality is superb, and I knew I wanted something either ITX or mATX and the case allowed for both in case I changed my mind down the road. The airflow and configuration options as well looked amazing. However, I admit I wasn’t fully aware of the exact modularity trade offs, and I found that with the case turned with the mobo vertical, the airflow options are slightly worse. I don’t think I suffered, just saying. Was super easy to build in and I love it now. I chose to mount the mobo vertical because it’s my first PC— I wanna see it! :)

*Motherboard / CPU / Cooler / RAM :” OK so the Rtzen 2700x. What’s there to say? I wanted something bad *** to power my design apps and 3D viewports. Done. I chose the Cryorig H7 with RGB because as cool as the free AMD Prism cooler is, I liked this one better - pure aesthetic choice. Chose some decently quick Corsair RGB ram to go with it and put it all together on a B450 Asus Prime board. Looking back, I may have chosen an X470 ITX if I had to do it again... just for quality and features. But I don’t plan on overclocking really, so this board should be fine. I think.

Storage : Simple 240GB M2 for Windows and apps, 3TB Barracuda for static media. I admit this is one place I saved cost, and hope I don’t pay for it too soon by running out of space on the M2.

GPU : So this 2070 from Newegg is a regular Black Edition with RGB, not an XC. So far so good. I’m nervous because of all the busted RTX cards popping up online but I’m hoping for some decent mileage for some gaming and GPU rendering via Redahift.

PSU : I really wanted a good, efficient power supply and this thing is beefy. I absolutely love it. Right out of the box you can feel the quality and heft of this Seasonic PSU. One thing, and it’s big: THESE CORDS ARE STIFF! They barely bend at the connection point and can be hard to manage, at least for me.

Monitor : my last set up was a MacBook plugged into a 27” Apple Cinema Display, and I liked that quite a bit... I started this by looking for dual 1080p monitors, maybe 24 inch, but settled on a single 31.5” 1440p display for desk space efficiency. I don’t miss my two monitor set up at all... this thing is far big enough for multitasking with a decent window management software.

Fans : To go with the included 200mm front intake, I added two Corsair 120mm with white light at the top for exhait, one 120mm Noctua our the back for exhale, and one Noctua 120mm at the bottom for intake. Due to rotating the case, I have one fan left over that I thought could be another bottom intake but can’t, since I used the mounting rails differently. This case is basically all mesh so I’m not concerned about air pressure, so I focused on making the flow good.

Conclusion : I absolutely loved the process of building this thing. Flipping the power on for the first time and watching it light up was such a great, fulfilling feeling. I can’t wait to actually use this little guy as my daily rig and see how it holds up. Will need to benchmark it soon!

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DrLitch 1 Build 2 points 1 month ago

Cute little build and very neat and tidy. Good job. This will not be your first PC build, trust me.

DerplePurp 1 point 1 month ago

What mouse is in the last pic?

triptiks submitter 1 Build 1 point 1 month ago

Razer Deathadder. Had it probably 5-6 years now!

nglerfish 1 Build 1 point 1 month ago

I love how efficiently that case uses its space inside it and how little space it takes up on the desk!

Zac765 1 point 25 days ago

I was on the edge about this case because the pics online and everywhere i looked had shittg pics. But this breakdown is amazing, thanks for the great photos for how the case comes apart, the pretty good cable management (got to give gredit where credit is due thl, most pics i see if the case are poorly cabke managed. The job you did puts the other ones to shame.) Personally i would change one thing tho, tighter cable runs. But otherwise amazing build and this was pretty damn helpful, im definitly going to use this case in my next build

triptiks submitter 1 Build 1 point 13 days ago

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, the cables that came with my Seasonic PSU are very stiff at the connection points. Stiff enough that even though I probably could bend them, I was scared to try it.

And yes, about the case: it's awesome. In case you haven't learned yet from my post, or others, here's what to know... it's very open and easy to work in. However, with the mobo vertical and the window on the left (like I have) you can only fit 2 fans on top-left side (or, for example, an AIO rad), 1 fan in the back, and 1 fan in the floor of the case. The big fan up front is great, I didn't replace it and it's nice and quiet. Air pressure is not really a concern in this case: with all the open mesh coverings air flow is very free.

I may pop the side off and see if I can force the cables back for a bit cleaner of a look.