Well, I built this machine mainly for gaming, but I also like to develop software in C# using Visual Studio sometimes, and I also use it for video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. Today is about 9 months after I build it, and it still works like new, it's been great with all games I play, and also been really efficient for video editing. I know that a GTX 1060 will not be enough in 3 years for the most demanding games, but I can always overclock it and even upgrade if I need to. Overall, I'm very pleased with this PC.

Part Reviews


Amazing CPU for the price, great for gaming and video editing. But nowadays I kinda regret going for Ryzen and not Intel, because benchmarks show that Intel CPUs get much better framerates in games. Probably going to upgrade it and the motherboard to Z370 and i7-8700K soon, when I get the money.


You won't regret buying this motherboard. It's definitely worth the price for AMD Ryzen processors. When I bought it 9 months ago, it only ran my 3000mhz ram at 2133mhz but after some quick bios updates from Gigabyte, it ran the ram at 2993mhz and then later at 3000mhz. I recommend it!


The best RAM you can get for gaming.


Pretty good SSD, however it's not as fast for me as for other people I asked. That's pretty weird.

Video Card

2nd best 1060 you can get after the Asus ROG Strix OC one, but this one is cheaper, and maybe more worth the money, but that's just my opinion.


Great case to build with, a lot of HDD and SSD ports, 2 front USB 3.0 connections, and it comes with 2 fans.

Power Supply

Well, how can I review a power supply anyways? It's working, it hasn't blew up, and it's quiet. 10/10 would recommend.

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