System is a combination of parts from my time in Korea, donated parts from friends, a few new bits and parts traded from Facebook marketplace. Total investment in this system is roughly $850.00 U.S. . System plays modern titles on Ultra or Very High at or above 60FPS and provides a great VR experience with our HTC Vive. I am not recommending you go out and build this system with new components, but for my investment in this system it performs great.

Part Reviews


I received this part new for less than $100 U.S., with that said it's performance-per-dollar is great for such an older processor. I am not a content creator and with the gaming and light productivity my family uses this PC for I couldn't be happier. On an air-cooled tower this processor overclocked to 4.4Ghz on all 4 cores, and since it is not hyperthreaded I have no concerns about the vulnerabilities to HT Intel processors that have been discovered recently. The performance of this Processor bests far more expensive modern processors for my use-case and provides a stable performance in all tasks we have used it for. Those tasks include: Word for office use due to school, Scouts, and PTA. Adobe CS5 applications for photos and designs. V.R. gaming with the HTC Vive. Playing the latest titles using Xbox Gamepass for Windows, STEAM, and the EPIC store.

Highly recommend this processor at the sub $125 Price point.

CPU Cooler

My system runs cooler than many of my friends water cooled system with a comparable operating noise level. This tower cooler JUST fits in this configuration with 5-8 mm clearance from the case lids acrylic window.

Thermal Compound

Dropped CPU temps by 18c! replaced the aged Thermal compound on my GPU with this as well and netted a 15c drop in temp. I truly feel that this thermal compound made this build possible.


Love the performance of this mother board in my ITX build. This board features reliable power delivery that allows my CPU to maintain 4.4Ghz on all cores. The appearance of the unit is premium, with gold accents that compliment most components. The M.2 SSD slot is easy to access on the back of the motherboard while out of the system, once your rig is built it will require extensive disassembly to access again.


Good responsive memory. XMP applies easily from the bios menu but I can't supply the memory slots with enough power on my motherboard to reach the max clock speed of this memory. Memory frequency for this build caps at 1866Mhz.


I have been using this drive partitioned in two sections; a 200GB section for my O.S. and select applications, and a 32GB partition dedicated to Intel speedboost. My boot time, including password entry and not ending until all programs are loaded in the system tray, is a staggering 8 seconds! If you had doubts about this drives speed I strongly urge you to forget them. It was well worth the purchase.


Used these drives in a RAID 0 configuration with data striping for incredibly fast load times in games and downloads. Originally had my operating system on them as well but decided to place it on a separate SSD in case of the unlikely event of drive failure. Gaming has been stutter free and fast loading.

Video Card

I was among a group of friends that received this card new in 2015 with one goal: to build a monster gaming PC. This card was chosen for is superior HBM and compute ability. While it has changed hands 3 times since then I find myself it's current owner. This card has a stable max overclock of 1180Mhz and maintains a temperature of 48c under full load in an environment that is 20c ambient. I can play every modern title I am interested in playing at 1080p Ultra settings with a buttery smooth 60+ FPS. If you find one of these cards on the used market for under $200 I would suggest you buy it over anything lesser than a 1660Ti Partner card. I have used up-to a 1660Ti in this system and the R9 Fury x outperformed it, with overclocking, on every title that wasn't "Assassin's Creed".


Great case for building a small form factor PC with some not-to-small form factor parts. With ample airflow and plenty of room for my large hands to build with, I never felt cramped or at a lose of places to hide wires in this build. The cable management is well thought out, copious cable tie-down points are given through-out the chassis, as well as a welcome feature of dual removable HDD/SSD trays. Both trays can house a 3.5" and 2.5" drive simultaneously, allowing great flexibility in storage. The case has multiple fan configurations available in the front and comes equipped with a 200mm Thermaltake fan. This can be replaced by 2 120mm fans, with space to mount fans internally or externally to allow for AIO watercoolers to be used with ease. Custom water cooled loops could be built in this system, though I strongly urge that be attempted by experienced builders only. My sole complaint with this system is the dust filter in the front shroud was so restrictive that I had to remove it due to my system overheating. My fans, once the filter was removed, seldom exceed 800RPM and temps are extremely low overall. A solid value at current prices and very easy on the eyes.

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  • 10 months ago
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Great build! The parts list itself is awesome. I doubt anyone else has ever posted this config.

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you. My kid is using it for games and school. He loves T.A.B.S., Fortnite, and Destiny on his rig.

  • 9 months ago
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I think you listed the wrong case? it's the core v1 not v21

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

Yes, it is the core V1...IDK why it was wrong but I will change it!


  • 2 months ago
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no problem :)