COMPLETED: 2/13/17

So I finally got this build up and running, purchased all the parts back in Nov. 2016 and prices have gone up slightly since, as well as $75 in rebates I received are no longer available. The build cost was $900ish give or take a few bucks and I think I did pretty good considering the mid-range quality components used.

I will admit I'm pretty OCD so I wanted this to be as clean as possible with good cable management and clear airflow pathways. This will be a general use home PC with some light gaming (1080p) and multimedia use.

How did I do?

You'll notice I stripped the lower drive bays out of the bottom of the case and used an ORICO Aluminum 5.25 inch to 2.5 or 3.5 Inch Internal Hard Disk Drive Mounting Kit to fit the HDD drive below the DVD burner. Below the HDD I mounted the Samsung SSD using a Velcro tab to secure it to the upper drive frame. These changes allow the added Corsair AF120 fans up front room to blow unobstructed and give the build a pretty clean look if I don't say so myself.

The original clear fan I moved to the back of the case to keep things matching and visually balanced. I also sprayed the stock CPU cooler with a light coat of flat black spray paint to keep the Red & Black theme going strong while hiding the ugly Intel blue sticker and multicolored wires.

Overall I'm very happy with how this build turned out (my second and most expensive build overall) which is actually for my brother who has been limping along with a store bought outdated Dell from the mid-2000's. Everything fit as it should, and the MB posted without any issues on the first try. Windows is running snappy as expected on the SSD and the customizable lighting between the GPU and MB are lots of fun to tweak. All the MSI, Corsair and Samsung parts work together beautifully and I would not hesitate to recommend or use any of them again next time.

My only complaints about the SPEC-1 case would be that 1) I wish it had a dedicated SSD mounting location either on the back of the MB or for viewing through the smoked plexi-glass window. 2) Add some rubber grommets to the case cutouts for aesthetics. 3) Have some kind of PSU shielding down low to also hide the big bundle of wires like the NZXT cases. Then again at this price point ($40-50) I really can't complain.

I have learned a lot and got a bunch of great ideas from the other builds here on pcpartpicker so wanted to share my build so others might do the same. Thanks to all, love the site and until the next build (my own hopefully) peace and enjoy the pictures!

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Gold standard of quality memory at a great price for years. Never had any failures or issues at all!

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Please send me a PM when you've uploaded photos of the assembled PC, and I'll get this approved.

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