yee haw, okie first things first, my original build consisted of a nzxt h700 but i refunded that and got a corsair spec omega and sum rgb fans. This machine runs like a charm and keeps cool under full load. My cinebench r15 cpu test got 945 on base clock, i havent OCed yet so once i do that i will probably update this. Also, anything on this list that has not been purchased are my future upgrades to come. If anyone has any comments or advice for me just tell me, unless i am talking to my self and no one will ever see this build. okie see ya. ( PS, the photos are kinda bad )

Part Reviews


Does what i need it to do, gaming, base clock the cinebench r15 score was 945, havent OCed yet.

CPU Cooler

Cools great, looks great, and is quiet, like REALLY quiet, i cant even hear it if all my fans psu and gpu fans arent spinning, my pump is on full blast too. so A++++++++++++

Thermal Compound

its thermal paste that does its job lowered my temps from pre applied paste. pre applied was 2-3 celsius hotter


Wonderful, flashy ( with a twist ), amp up audio is great and pretty nice. As for the flashy with a twist part, If you can figure out how to work rgb fusion within app center please tell me. I can only change my rgb through the bios because rgb fusion is pp


HIGH QUALITY is all i can say, from team group a brand that i think of as budget makes this. high quality alluminum and is pretty hefty. If you dont have asus aura sync no worries, they have a software (t force blitz) thats pretty much formatted like aura sync. WONDERFUL ram. <3


its a fast drive for what i paid so no complaits


its a hard drive what do you expect?

Video Card

Got it when prices were starting to drop, has 3 fans so pretty good cooling, the GAMING X cards are probably better but this was good at the price compared to other cards at the time. This card is neat. backplate is nice too


I bought this after getting a refund on my h700 from nzxt. This case is wonderful, it uses the 460x chassis, so i can just buy a psu shroud off of the corsair website. BUT ONE major flaw i forgot to consider. If you are gonna mount a rad and fans up top, make sure you have low profile ram. I cant fit my fans up top with a rad so just be warned. As for airflow it does the job fine. If i want to have better performance i usually take off the top panel to increase air being sucked in and being exhausted. The white led strip is also pretty <3 The cable management is a little hard for me as i have alot of cables. If you have a short power supply you are in luck.

Power Supply

its a nice psu with some plain black sleeved cable that come with it. BUT its long as in 200mm so make sure you have room for it and make sure you can manag e cables in a tight space.


BOUGHT FOR 180 NOT WORTH THE RETAIL PRICE AROUND 300. This is a nice VA panel. the monitor stand is a little on the wobbly side, the frame of the monitor is meh but overall for the price i bought it at its nice. just dont buy it at retail


bought it 1 year ago, holds up fine, mic is good, sound quality is good


nice cheap fans, only gripes are cables, a proprietary connector hub thats powered by MOLEX UGH, and no speed control, locked at 1200 rpm. BUT they are silent and push good air. reccommend for budget builds


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No idea how old this is, but would you add a hoto of those DR12 fans from the rear of the case looking towards the front? I would like to see what the back looks like, they would be on the bottom as intakes on an In-Win 101 case....

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alright, ill try to get a picture up asap, :)

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alright they are up

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Thanks! I put 6 in an Inwin 101 and they look great