This is my second build, and I have learned a lot of since my last system build and during the building of this PC.

Sorry for the poor pictures, phone isn't the best.

CPU: I plan to overclock this bad boy over 4.0 Ghz, but I am awaiting water cooling instead of the current fan cooling I have now. I have very low CPU usage even while gaming and browsing on Chrome.

CPU Cooler: This was the biggest issue I ran into. My previous build utilized the stock cooler so I didn't have any experience with installing aftermarket CPU coolers. I actually didn't apply enough thermal paste, so when I first booted into the BIOS, I was reading temps of almost 70C on the CPU. I don't know much about coolers so I was thinking that maybe the small fan wasn't doing enough. I turned all the fans to max speed and the temps dropped to around 63C which was a small improvement but definitely not normal. My friend suggested I check the contact between the cooler and the CPU, so I took everything apart, and reapplied the thermal paste. I put it all back together and the BIOS showed about 42C. I'm so used to people "over-using" thermal paste that I skimped out on it.

EDIT: The Noctua fan is not enough cooling to support these components, I was still dropping power and the Core Temp program was reading my cores around 90-100C, so I swapped it out for a Corsair H100i Pro. So far, I have an idle temp of 30C and around 40-50C while gaming while overclocked to 4.0 Ghz.

Motherboard: Excellent motherboard and the BIOS was very easy to use. It was very easy to set my RAM to the correct XMP profile and change my fan speeds.

RAM: I bought 16GB since RAM prices are really low right now, 8GB is enough but I was hoping to start streaming and editing videos, so I went with 16GB.

GPU: This thing is a monster. It's massive, and it sags slightly, so I'm looking for something to hold the card up. I would have it in the top PCIE slot, but it blocks both of the smaller slots for my WIFI adapter. I would use Ethernet but I am awaiting repairs on my coaxial connection in my room before that happens. It runs every game I have smoothly at max settings. Rise of the Tomb Raider was running around 100 FPS while recording.

Case: I really like this case, cable management was an absolute breeze. It comes with 3 little Velcro straps in the back of the case which made it easy to make them neat. I've never had tempered glass, and unfortunately my finger prints are all over it, so if anyone has a suggestion on cleaning it, I'm all ears.

PSU: Runs just fine, not much else to say. I didn't pay enough attention when I bought it cause I was planning on a fully modular PSU but this one works just fine.

A few more talking points:

I used my HDD and SSD from my previous build, so I didn't have to worry about installing anything or get a new copy of Windows, all my files and games were still there and it was an easy transition, all I needed was the new motherboard drivers.

So when I was buying the GPU, I noticed it only had HDMI and Display Port input, so I bought myself a display port cable. HOWEVER, I did not even check my monitor beforehand, so when I went to plug the cable in, I had a facepalm moment. Of course I could use an HDMI cable, but it did not support 144Hz, which is an absolute must for me. So I went out and got the Asus VG248QE, which supports this connection.

Edit above concerning the CPU cooler.

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  • 5 months ago
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Hey Tyreathian! I would love to use your build as my first build. May I ask, what is the storage/hard drive on this build?

  • 5 months ago
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I have a Hitachi 2TB HDD and a Crucial 275 GB SSD. I would recommmend a SAMSUNG with higher storage for the SSD, and a liquid cooler. My PC runs too hot with this little Noctua, I have a Corsair h100i pro on the way. Otherwise I’m hitting like 90C while gaming and 40C idle.