Wanted to build the best value gaming machine for LAN parties and easy to move around. runs great and has no issues. Cpu maxes around 75 C and the gpu around the same. Bleave it or not, this set up runs overwatch MAXED OUT 1080p at 80-120 fps!

Tried to do better at cable management, but its NOT a modular psu sooooooo... ignore the bundle of wires all bunched up lol

CPU: yea its a low end one, but it runs most games just fine.

MOBO: good board! no issues love the dual M.2 Slots NOTE: THE m.2 slot on the back CAN ONLY take NVME m.2 ssds. standard sata m.2 ssds dont seem to be picked up by the MOBO.

Memory: Good performance no issues

Storage: Samsung is the boot drive, the WD is the games drive, just have games on this machine no other programs needed so the size is fine for me.

Case: Small, low cost and a great value, Has a lot of space for a Mini ITX case, but not need since im using M.2 drives.

PSU: cheep and it works, thats about it... my taught: its not a full time PC, just for gaming and LAN parties. so no need for a great psu. a little bit on the loud side but not autable when using head phones.


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