I have been wanting to build my own PC for quite a few years now. So after tax this year I did just that. I went all out and bought a Logitech G910 Keyboard, Logitech G650 Speakers, Razer Deathadder Elite and a 27" LG LED Monitor and then the tower, basically going for function rather than the looks (That'll come later) I picked the case as I love the clean look as well as the colours which are my favourite, as for the rest of the parts, my friends who have owned/built their own for quite some time had their input on what to go for and keeping in mind that it wasn't their build. A huge thanks to them though as I thought I was way in over my head at this stage.

So most of the parts came within a week other than the CPU fan as it was coming from America, but it was okay because I used the little intel fan just to get me started. So it was the Friday night I had pretty much put all the components in just had the tidying up of the wires left. I do apologise as I was too excited and didn't take many photos.

It's been built for about a week now and it's going great! Have had no issues with anything at all. Really proud of myself for finally doing this as I've been a PlayStation boy for ever (Probably still will be) but it's been a great experience nonetheless.

Happy to hear your feedback Rate or Hate happy to hear your thoughts.


Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Great cooler! Runs quietly and surprisingly very light.


A great budget board, does the job, works very well. Have not had any issues at all.


Very decent RAM for the money, would recommend.

Video Card

A great card! Does all the AAA on Ultra and stays below 70C. Very happy with it.


Awesome looking case! Incredibly clean and very easy cable management. The sound dampening is very nice too, keeps it very hush hush. Very happy with this case!

Power Supply

A good power supply, runs very smooth and quiet.

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  • 22 months ago
  • 2 points

Real classy move on the 5th pic there.

Nice build, pretty practical. However, I would have saved a bit by going for a lower wattage PSU and upgrading SSD or GPU (non-blower or 1070ti).

I have the same speakers as you but I was going very much for looks. Quite nice but pricey for a function focused build.

  • 22 months ago
  • 2 points

I very much enjoyed the 5th picture.

  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

I like to imagine him saying screw you, build yourself. Then it did. And all was good in the world. +1

  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

Why did you turn the CPU cooler to blow hot air towards your GPU? Did you flip the fan so it pulls air rather than pushes it?

  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

Might wanna fix those cables under your desk haha :P

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